Saturday 10 December 2011

Link Tank 10/12

Because it's not a weekday.

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The dangers of the diet police

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German museum scared to open a 1,650 year old Roman wine bottle

Why calorie counts are wrong

Glass that cleans itself

Jumping cockroaches


Anonymous said...

Re: "Dangers of the diet police"

Where I used to work, short term sick leave ("sickies") was considered to be a reliable measure of staff attitudes. If someone was disatisfied with the job they were more likely to miss the odd day due to "sickness" which could be self-certified for (IIRC) 7 days. Some people were so involved with the job that they were instructed NOT to come into work when they genuinely were sick!

Thus it seems unreasonable to think that the number of short term days lost can be affected by nosing into staff lunch habits!

Alan Bates

Mr A said...

Just a heads-up - expect some nonsense from ASH Trustee Peter Kellner's YouGov organisation in the near future. I've just filled in a survey on smoking. Included questions on what harm I thought it did, whether I was planning to give up in 2012 and if not, why not (I chose "other" but sadly wasn't given the opportunity to write "Because of the constant haranguing from rent-seekers like ASH I haven't tried giving up since 2007"), as well as questions on what percentage of people I thought died early from smoking, how many years I thought they lost, what percentage got lung cancer from smoking etc (all with pre-determined percentage boxes to select from). The survey was about active, not passive, smoking.

Expect some bollocks from them soon. (Given my responses, expect something along the lines of "Smokers in denial of the health harm of smoking!" They'll get something out of it, EVEN from MY responses. The swine.