Friday 2 December 2011

A Mascot Is Crowned, Shame About The Ceremony

Here is something of an exclusive for this blog. Behold a true liberal meeting someone who is just pretending to be one.

We acted to get Philip Davies the Reader's Representative prize at the Spectator's Parliamentarian of the Year Awards for his freedom-loving credentials, and were successful. Yet the 'guest of honour' (pfft) dishing out the gongs is at the opposite end of the political scale.

Davies earned his award for listening to the public and acting on their behalf, as we were all brought up to believe is a parliamentarian's purpose. Clegg is famous for being an illiberal moron who doesn't give a shit about what you think.

How ironic that Davies's principled liberal stance on the EU, smoking bans, and alcohol prohibition should gain him plaudits, only to be confronted on award night by a grinning idiot - wielding power - who seems to think being liberal is opposing personal liberty at every turn.

Irony is thick as treacle in that picture.

The restraint of our Phil, eh? The rest of us would have struggled not to lamp the pillock.

UPDATE: Just realised that I didn't add a caption for the picture, anyone care to provide one?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cleggy. Here take this big fuckoff ashtray. Go out and buy 20 Rothmans and learn to smoke yer fucking tofu sucking toerag.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Well done to Mr Davies, and thanks to all the other DP fans who did what I did - voted for him.

The only caption I can come up with>
'Do I get any money for this?'
'Shut the fuck up, Nick'

Twenty_Rothmans said...


Clegg speaks seven languages and doesn't understand 'fuck off you twat' in any of them.

Anonymous said...

This will be the size of everybody's arsehole by the time I've finished fucking them

Anonymous said...

OK, ... which one of you fat fuckers sat on my Pomfret cake?

Anonymous said...

"Psst, Phil, what does 'representative' mean?"


Anonymous said...

Clegg: I've slept with 30 women
Davies: Stop being so modest, you are currently fucking most of us

Anonymous said...

Mentioning that multifaced schmuck
Clegg has really bollocksed my
weekend up
He is the epitomy of the tumerous
malignent pestilence that is Liberalism,a fermentation of
depravity,degeneracy and soulsapping hypocracy.
Worthless carpetbaggers,parasites and fellow travellers doffing their caps to perveted cliques and
chattering non producers not to mention their foreign string pullers.Just take a long hard look at the LIB DEMS stalwarts
Hand me a bucket.


Xen said...

"Phil, take this round and do a collection. A very dear friend of mine is on its deathbed."

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I know camera lenses play tricks but Mr Clegg's eye's look particularly small and piggy in this phoro.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Love Twenty's and Single's but for me I would say "Why the Q am I wasting an evening on this when I could actually be HELPING someone!"

Of course, that's just me... has nothing to do with these blokes.


Anonymous said...

Britain's most impressive liberal MP receives award from Nick Clegg.

Ian Thorpe said...

Would it not have been wise of Mr. Davies to refuse to accept the award from a man who wants to make us part of Greater Germany?

Ed P said...

Recognise the enemy Cleggeron 'T wo'd be a shame if Euromadness was soluble just by eliminating Clegg. Perhaps Cameron would rediscover his resolve if not for the draining effect of his unwelcome partner. Any agreement worth a few days respite will have to at least point towards a potential statement reassuring the participants and investors in the great experiment.
God bless us all