Saturday 17 December 2011

Link Tank 17/12

If you were out last night, I hope you managed to avoid ending up in A&E after tripping over a BBC camera crew.

The headline should have read "Holland's enlightened stance towards tobacco"

The dangers of candy canes

Unspinning ASH's latest garbage

New Jersey town bans parking on grass ... cos it doesn't look nice

The US Senate blocks a bill to ban incandescent light bulbs

Which inequalities matter?

Canada bans face veils for citizenship oaths

Relax - your baby will never copy Don Shenker

Statisticians can prove almost anything

Voting explained by fish


zaphod said...

hi dick, someone had a word in my ear that you might want to cigs and baccy by xmas

£60 x 10 gv
lamberts £40

contact smoking hot on his mobile, be quick

Spartan said...

lt's not Zaphod Dick, this arsehole is Dickie Doubleday that started on Simons blog and then to Patsys

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta, Spartan. I'm sorted anyway. From Cuba, far cheaper. ;)

Pat Nurse MA said...

He's impersonating all of us on other blogs. I've reported him to the police today for harassment and they are taking me seriously

Rob F said...

Hi, Doubleday.

You really are pathetic, you know that?

Just grow up and get a fucking life, a girlfriend...something that'll give meaning to your life.

Or is being a complete knob a career choice?