Sunday 4 December 2011

YOUR Property, You Say? Think Again

Yes, it's that scrupulously principled 'liberal', Clegg, again.

"We need to get tough on irresponsible and unjustified behaviour of top remuneration of executives in the private sector," he said.

"What I abhor is people getting paid bucket loads of cash in difficult times for failure."
Abhor away, Nicky boy, but it's still none of your Goddam business. There's a clue up there in the word 'private'. You see, a 'private' company is beholden to no-one whosoever except the person (or persons) who own it. Or should be, anyway.

That someone calling themselves liberal could even contemplate interfering in how private businesses choose to distribute their - post-tax - cash is quite astonishing. As if our largely unaccountable legions of the state haven't burdened private companies enough already with eye-watering taxation, hobby horse regulation, and absurd health and safety hysteria!

But then, this nation is now just a collection of conveniently envious and busybodying collaborators, as perfectly illustrated by the first 'Editor's Pick' comment selected by the BBC.

"So, if I own a company and decide to pay my directors X amount salary and the government don't like it, i have to cut their pay? Who's money is it exactly? Nobody tells me what to do with my money, so I can't see anybody else allowing it either."
It should be a no-brainer, but the level of self-destructive ignorance now prevalent in our country requires, naturally, that such common sense is eagerly down-voted!

We have laws against what people can or can't do in their own property now entrenched by selfish dickwads, and serious attempts at extending the same to private vehicles and homes. Bylaws to tell you what you can and can't eat, and even the stealing of your kids by the state is commonplace if it feels like it.

Now we see moronic seal-like clapping and honking over plans to dictate how much private - yes, private - companies are allowed to decide their own remuneration policies.

The biggest problem the UK faces - after soundbite-seeking politicians who just can't quit the addiction of making illiberal legislation - is the lumpen idiots who are happy to see the freedoms of others eroded without a moment's thought that, one day, their own property is almost certainly going to be targeted.

Big Society? You're having a laugh! There's little left now but to lock your doors and prepare to repel the state, and anyone else, who thinks they are arrogant enough to pry into your family's life, your rights, and your property.

None of it is yours anymore, after all, apparently.


Anonymous said...

It's a lot of it to do with reclassifying privately owned pub property into the realm of "public" then not allowing the owner of said property to set the rules of behaviour as he or she sees fit. Then after that bit of fiasco was normalised, it became time to normalise the rest of it, all the while the mislead public thought they were supporting "good". Soon once private cars and homes will be reclassified as public and then sky's the limit as far as intrusions by the state - all for the public "good" - "health and safety" mind you, where the whole ball of wax took root.

Anonymous said...

Will Trot Clegg be as concerned
about grossly overpaid showbiz,pop,
sport,celebrity and other bloated
overpaid parasites.
Dont think so ,part of the chattering clique ,now perversly
dominating the political class
As for Cameron,I,as a long standing Conservative have only one bit of advice,join the Labour Party where you belong.
One day enough of the population
will waken up,but when?

The Waiter

Oldrightie said...

With regard to one's own property you may find the Council letter at my place of interest, Dick.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

"What I abhor is people getting paid bucket loads of cash in difficult times for failure."

The irony of that comment obviously passed both Clegg and Marr by........

IanPJ said...

When will Clegg come out of the closet? and just admit that he is a communist, because that is what he is preaching.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for some sandal-wearer to come knocking on my door....

Suboptimal Planet said...

Very well said, Dick.

The only caveat I'd offer is that many industries receive direct and indirect subsidies from the government. We should not confuse these corporatist creatures with proper free market companies.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in banking, where the normal legal and accounting rules are set aside, generous credit is provided by the central bank, and in extremis, politicians stand ready to socialise losses.

Some subsidies are less obvious. Tesco, for example, benefits disproportionately from a road network that is free at the point of use.

Consider too all of the burdensome regulation, and massive government contracts, which favour Big Business over smaller competitors.

And some libertarians (notably Sean Gabb) argue that limited liability is an unnatural statist creation.

A properly free market would look very different from what we see today.

Of course, the answer is not an additional illiberal intervention, but to repeal the subsidies and privileges!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Suboptimal Planet said...
Some subsidies are less obvious. Tesco, for example, benefits disproportionately from a road network that is free at the point of use.

And how muxh tax exactly, is Tesco bringing in/paying?

A lot more than your two bob fucking road tax, that's for sure.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

@FT Tesco tax?

well, actually less than they should be paying due to the fact the Tesco Extra stores by and large are owned via offshore shell companies in the Caymans etc... and a variety of other shenanigans.

Don't get me wrong - they're doing a far better job in my part of the world than what was there before.

It's just that they can't resist taking the piss.

Clegg is a berk - desperate to hitch a ride on something, anything fercrissakes that can be paraded as a success - todate he's not managed it and is getting increasingly desperate clutching at "policies"

SadButMadLad said...

@Gordon, Tesco are paying what they should be paying. They are not doing anything illegal.

That they are using offshore companies is a sign that taxes are too high. It's the same as when people say that the highly paid will move offshore. Similarly, companies might decide to use off shore facilities rather than local staff because it's cheaper to employ people in other countries.

The UK will make more tax if it brings down taxes to a level where companies don't think it worthwhile to go offshore.

Ian Thorpe said...

I abhor the idea of people getting paid bucketloads of cash too. What can you buy with a bucketload of cash these days? People who are working hard and making money for their companies should be getting skiploads of cash.

And even that will not be enough when really serious inflation kicks in.