Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hampshire: The Healthiest County In The UK, Obviously

Apparently, there are precious few other issues in Hampshire worth their NHS tweeting about (click to enlarge).

That public sector consultation is right on track, then.


Jay said...

I don't know if the NHS realises how much hate they are generating towards themselves.   No doubt there are many in the NHS who do not feel it is their job to dictate lifestyle changes on the population, but those in charge apparently do.  Therefore, it reflects on the whole of the NHS. 

Trust no one.  They are not our friends.  They have become enemies of the people. 

Lyn Ladds said...

Absolutely, Jay.

In March I saw a GP because of a mole that had turned 'funny' and was advised it would need to be removed and that I should make an appointment with one of the 2 GP's at the practice who could remove it.  This I did and duly turned up for the half hour appointment to be told by the GP that he could not remove it then as I only had a 5 minute appointment, but he would do it in 10 days (just before our holiday).  I was annoyed and distressed as my Mother had a mole turn cancerous a few years earlier and had left if for a few months and ended up have a large amount of tissue removed and a skin graft.

When I got home I complained and 2 days later got a phone call from the GP in question saying that how dare I complain when he was doing me a favour and as I had complained he would not treat me!

Since when is it a favour for a GP to treat you when he is paid by US in the first place to do so?

I took it further and found that it was, in fact the GP who had got it wrong about the appointment only being a 5 minute one, it had been correctly booked for a half hour, and he then grudgingly fitted me in where he had a 'cancellation' the next day!

Bloody NHS and the many goons who call themselves doctors!  Wish I earned half or even a quarter of what they do and worked their hours!