Thursday 3 May 2012

A Vision Of Future Britain?

Too far-fetched? Oh, I dunno.

H/T Jay via HOOPs.


nisakiman said...

Not far fetched at all. In fact remarkably prescient, I would say, particularly the alcohol warning light for the weekly limit.

Several years ago I posited to a friend the scenario where everyone would be issued with an alcohol smart card which would have to be swiped every time you bought alcohol, and as soon as you reached the "government recommended level", that would be it - no more until next week. He laughed at the time, but he has since agreed that that is the way UK is rapidly going.

We meet for a beer or three (and a relaxing few smokes - inside the bar) once or twice a week, and congratulate ourselves for having got out of the authoritarian nightmare that the UK has become. Neither of us have any desire nor intention of returning.

The Ticking Clock said...

I have allready seen what Brritain will be
I have seen the empty streets,the stay in masses besotted with sport,
the grey lifeless faces,the ever present watchers,the State benevolence,
the media paralysis,the total denial of liberty
I had a belly full of Statism in the DDR (Former East Germany).
When the wall fell,was it the end of the Red Cancer ?,like hell it was.
it crawled along the sewers of apathy ,it bathed in the cess of Liberalism
and emerged invigorated amongst the deaf and blind.
Who shall we blame ?
Look a those nearest, and ask them

The Clock Ticketh

Dazed & Confused said...

The only thing that I find hard to believe via your feature video, is that in 2020 twenty fags will only be a tenner.......Yeah right!