Tuesday 22 May 2012

'Non-Existent' Slippery Slope Spotted in South Africa

Someone in South Africa isn't following the tobacco control script.
The planned use of graphic images on cigarette packs to show the effects of tobacco should be extended to alcohol products as it is more cancerous than tobacco, says the SA Dental Association (Sada).

It said that while smoking increased the risk of people developing cancer up to five times the norm, alcohol usage elevated the risk of contracting mouth cancer ninefold, making alcohol more dangerous.

Professor André van Zyl, Sada’s spokesman, who is also an associate at the School of Dentistry at Pretoria University, said that given the impact of alcohol on health, particularly that of young people who were smoking dagga, there was now an urgency to also put graphic images of cancer on alcoholic beverages similar to those proposed for tobacco products.
No, no no, Professor. Didn't you know that "tobacco is not like any other product" and that no precedent arises out of regulations towards it? Smokefree experts have said so.

As such, no-one will be looking at tobacco legislation and demanding the same for any other product, what a silly notion! Oh, hang on.

See, despite reality continually proving them wrong, the slippery slope is a fiction according to smokefree fantasists. Especially in a laid-back, liberty-loving Britain known worldwide for its complete lack of dictatorial, state-funded health bastards, eh? I mean, I can't remember the last time I read or heard some miserable cock droning on about restricting alcohol, sugar, salt or fast food. Can you?

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