Saturday 19 May 2012

Link Tank 19/05

I think the internet has been in one of those facetious moods this week.

US school fined thousands for selling fizzy drinks at lunch

Petty laws are an insult to the public

Three beers a day keep the doctor away

Why conservatism is doomed

Porn vs Reality

More health benefits of smoked cannabis

Sexual correctness gone mad

The best beer in the world

The best fast food chains in the world

Russian mathematician banned from travel for beard copyright infringement ... then it gets weird

Life imitates The Simpsons

Promiscuous butterflies


Ian R Thorpe said...

Not just the internet in a facetious mood Dick, those whack and zany investment bankers were asking us to sing large amounts of our hard earned into a joke like facebook.

SadButMadLad said...

The example with the fizzy drinks shows why politicians should not create laws. Because they have no concept of real life and what real people can do.

So you can't buy a fizzy drink in the canteen when meals that are subsidised by the USDA are being served. But there's nothing to stop a student buying a fizzy drink before hand and drinking it during the meal.

Politicians think that people don't have any intelligence to work out how to avoid the stupid laws they dream up. Alternatively, politicians are too stupid to work out that the laws they create are pretty much all ignored and worked around by the intelligent population. Which do you think is the right explanation?

Renaissance said...

Thanks to the Internet,Facebook,Twitter,Blogging Ad Nauseam we
have no activists,fighters,campaigners,just an army of digital ghosts,
inmates of a self imposed clickworthy Gulag,exiled in isolation,divided,
un seen and un heard,easy meat for any social engineer,life style manipulators and fellow travellers.
Must'nt forget the "Mobile Militia",yes the ones cruising around the
streets cracking on ,they have friends,yearning for captive pity.
Controlled freedom UNTILL  that freedom threatens,then what.

Dog Soldier