Monday 22 October 2012

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

OK, we've already seen how plain packaging campaigners have complained about opposition signatures being a bit dodgy despite their own employees encouraging multiple duplicate sign ups. And this after they had already rigged every possible aspect of the consultation in their favour with no independent input allowed.

Just to update you, though, Nannying Tyrants has found that their one-eyed skewing of the truth extends further than that.

Yes, they really did state to the Department of Health, with a straight face, that "at every stage of the campaign, Smokefree South West was careful to make sure that we did not 'cross-promote' any of the different sign-up methods" ... while they were cross-promoting like crazy at every possible opportunity.

Then, we have the sad antipodean 60s throwback blowhard trying to defend the indefensible with some lame reference to a 2008 message board where members of the American public responded to an online poll open to, err, the public ...

... despite his own side of professionals actively perverting matters elsewhere themselves.

You see, they - who are paid for by your taxes - are allowed to interfere wherever they choose and to cheat, game and obstruct due consultative process at every turn. You, however, must shut the fuck up and not object to anything they waste your money on.

Hypocrisy simply isn't a strong enough word for people as unscrupulous as these.


Ian R Thorpe said...

Those who think of themselves as the intellectual elite have always truly despised the 'lower classes' so it is no surprise they think we are not capable of thinking for ourselves. And also no surprise they think we're too dim see through their scams.
What they can't see is that in many cases we are better off, better educated and more culturally enlightened than they are. And secure enough in owr individual identities we have no need of the affirmation that comes with jumping on bandwagons.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

That comment could just as easily have been posted on the article above. ;)

Ian R Thorpe said...

Which ought to help convince us and the other libertarians we have a duty to keep posting, keep questioning and ridiculing, calling to account.