Saturday 20 October 2012

Link Tank 20/10

If nobody else can help, and if you can find them ...

"Something has gone horribly wrong in Britain in recent years"

The internet is preventing a ban on e-cigs

In 2011, the US gained a million millionaires while Europe lost 1.8 million

Indian politician blames rape on fast food

Cameron will be the last Tory leader to get away with saying Britain should stay in Europe

Minnesota bans free, yes free, online education - and why it is a serious problem

French MEP urges Europe to support the foie gras industry

Triad gangs flooding Scotland with counterfeit tobacco

Porn stars campaign against mandatory condom use

New York Times reviews Obama's White House beer

Drunk "husky bar voice" birds


John Pickworth said...

Triad gangs flooding Scotland with counterfeit tobacco

"Scots who buy the cut-price rolling tobacco at street markets are gambling with their health. It often contains dangerously high levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide."

Or in other words, proper full strength stuff. Not the EU mandated weakened tobacco we're forced to buy in the shops.

delcatto said...

"Triad gangs etc..." I am still chuckling at the "Twenty Lothmans" comment.
That's me destined for reeducation.