Thursday 4 October 2012

Government Badgering Government

We all knew one. The weasel-like kid in the playground who got his kicks running to teacher and tittle-tattling. Well, they grew up and now spend their time surfing the net; avidly watching the airwaves; and dedicating their lives to destroying fun and enjoyment wherever they come across it. Except that now, they steal your money to pay for it.

The ever-vigilant Harridanic site has already reported on Sustain trying to stop kids playing games involving Chewie the dinosaur and the Honey Monster, as well as objecting to videos which show youngsters being happy.

Now Harridanic has spotted them going after ice lollies.
Claims on, for Wall's ice cream: 
(a) One ad featured product information about the Twister lolly, including text which stated "Do the twist ... Life is twisted. So why not tangle your tongue around a Twister lolly? Chill out with the smooth pineapple flavour ice cream and refreshing lemon-lime flavour fruit ice. Then twist it to the max with the unexpected strawberry fruit ice core. Live life your way!". A side banner contained images of strawberries on a chopping board with the slogan "Love fruit". 
(b) A second ad featured product information about Mini Twister lollies. Text stated "An eight pack of Twister lollies in two enticing flavours: creamy pineapple ice cream and strawberry fruit ice twisted around a core of delicious strawberry fruit ice; and creamy pineapple ice cream and strawberry fruit ice twisted around a fruity core of lemon fruit ice". There was an image of two Mini Twister lollies surrounded by two small strawberries and two pieces of citrus fruit. The page had the same "Love fruit" side banner as in ad (a), but with peaches rather than strawberries.
Seriously, is this what taxpayer funds were designed to pay for? Miserable bores to spend their waking hours desperately searching for messages which only exist in their joyless, self-enriching imaginations?
(c) A third ad was accessed by clicking on the "Love fruit" side banner in ads (a) and (b). This page showed an image of a Solero ice cream and a mixing bowl full of ice cream and fruit carrying the text "What makes our ice cream taste so fruity?". Clicking on the bowl revealed the statement "... we combine fruit with ice cream to create a delicate balance of softness and sweetness in a light yet indulgent eating experience". Other parts of the page contained information about different types of fruit, a fruit horoscope quiz and a banner showing pictures of the Wall's range of "fruity ice cream" (Solero, Calippo, Cornetto and Frusi Pots). There were also links to other areas of the website entitled "Love milk" and "Love chocolate".
Yes, I know. Shocking, isn't it? The future of modern civilisation is obviously in danger because Walls are claiming that their fruity products contain fruit and taste like they do.

The complaint was quite rightly dismissed, but not before your cash had paid for the exercise on both sides of the equation. Sustain to raise their pathetic complaint, and the ASA to spend a day or so rejecting it. What a fucking waste.

Doesn't this give us a revealing taster of what these people do all day, though? With the country on its knees financially, and even the Labour party admitting that cuts need to be made to what the state pays out, this utter insult to hard working taxpayers is going on every day.

A great big merry-go-round of state-funded futility. With one government agency wasting cash fielding daft complaints from others who are dependent on what they are shovelled by Westminster out of productive pay packets.

Remember that next time you look at the deductions on your payslip. And weep that you're supporting people who make benefit cheats look like benign saints.

Harridanic has also caught the lemon-sucking tax leeches at Alcohol Concern being their usual screw-faced selves. Firstly objecting to Heineken then, latterly, Estrella beer.

Do go have a look. Their gripes are quite hilarious. Fortunately, they were told to stick their head in the nearest bin too.


Tony Hand said...

And weep that you're supporting people who make benefit cheats look like benign saints

These are always my sentiments. Never mind going after the poorest people in society trying to top up meagre benefits, that most paid into in the first place, by earning a couple of quid here and there. Go after the huge amount of waste generated by several, absolutely unnecessary, layers of government.


SadButMadLad said...

Don't tell Alcohol Concern about a new liquer I came across on a recent holiday to Italy. Limoncello. Brilliant stuff. Fantastic. 30%ABV. Just a tiny bit in a shot glass is just right after a meal.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I've tried it. Would have to be a tiny bit, it's almost radioactive! :-0

nisakiman said...

Honestly, the crap Alcohol Concern comes up with is enough to make you weep. They're almost as bad as TCI.

"Beer advertisement makes beer look desirable to young men!"

OMG! The horror! How could they DO such a thing! Trying to use advertising to SELL stuff! How irresponsible!

The complainers, the righteous are sad, sad people. They won't be satisfied until they've wrung every last drop of joy out of other peoples lives. Their utopia is a grey world devoid of pleasure. They really need to be rounded up and transported to a remote island (preferably where it's cold and grey and suffers a permanent drizzle of rain) far, far away from civilised people. They'd be happy there, and we would be rid of their baleful influence.

As for the Limoncella, SBML, I can't stand the stuff. They tend to bring it to the table as a 'complimentary' after the meal at a lot of restaurants here. Normally, if they bring a complimentary Metaxa or Tsipouro (the local equivalent of Marc or Grappa), I'll knock back mine and then drink my wife's, as she doesn't drink much. But Limoncella I'm afraid gets left on the table untouched. Much too sweet for my taste.

ivandenisovich said...

Sustainability is a real issue and it makes sense to invest in
research and awareness to some degree but I am very tired of paying for
professional campaigners and men who define themselves as vegan feminists. If
we are going to fund sustainability I would prefer my taxes to be spent on someone
who had actually worked in industry and could help develop workable and
potentially profitable solutions. Unfortunately, NGOs seem to be mostly staffed
by indolent leftie time wasters who create only sound bites and endless campaigns.
What I find amazing is that these people
spend most of their lives attacking industries that create the wealth that
allows them to loaf around thinking up new ways to feel important.

Topically, the vegan feminist guy is quite keen on badgers.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX the male traveller was shown carrying two bottles of Estrella on the beach.XX

Oh wow!!! OBVIOUSLY a no hope alcoholic there then! TWO bottles!

Stuart H. said...

Just out of curiosity - has anyone ever tried reporting the likes of Sustain or Alcohol Concern to the ASA?
They're not exactly doing what it says on the tin, and both are misleading, offensive, obtaining money under false know, all the stuff ASA are supposed to be rooting out of advertising!