Tuesday 2 October 2012

#Stoptober Fail

Stumbling around the internet - as you do - I came across this warm account of a Stoptober inductee who is finding e-cigs a very useful aid in quitting.

Yes, yes, we know that they are actually useless (the tobacco control industry says so) but perhaps this person is yet another industry stooge, I dunno.

Anyhow, this bit struck me as quite amusing.
"I had myself prepared for the day despite the let down of not getting my Stoptober pack in time (GRRRRR)"
Really? Now, I'd have thought that for a campaign which revolves around starting the quit attempt on the 1st of October, it is pretty damn vital that the 'support' arrives before that date. No?

But then, further on ...
"I popped by my brothers after work to swap some Nicorette gum for an e-cigarette to try. He showed me his Stoptober pack that did arrive and he was quite disappointed with, seemed to just contain loads of leaflets, a chart that doesn't related to smoking roll ups and a stress bass that wasn't even really squidgy."
So not that much of an aid, after all. That was £2 million well spent, then.

Good grief.


The Marquis said...

Lol, that was me :) It's still not here and I'm still not surprised. Thanks for sharing my rant, what a waste of tax payer money! GRRRR!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

You're welcome. I think you'll find the e-cigs far more useful than anything the leaflets will advise anyway. Good luck. :)

Twenty_Rothmans said...

It's not real money - it's not their money.

Mr Marquis, I am still on my ecigs and liquid from March last year. I
suppose they have substituted around 2,100 proper fags one way or
another. I smoke 140 proper cigarettes per week, so lessee - 75 weeks * 140, that's 10,500 minus the 2100 which would have cost £808.50 otherwise. The efags cost £60.

If you really want to stop, go to Allen Carr's programme. I am an inveterate smoker because I love it, but it stopped me for about six months each time. It was not a waste of money - at £220 a shot, I was way ahead.

As it is breast cancer awareness millennium, I am looking forward to the NHS recommending that women have their fun bags lopped off after they've suckled their children. Breasts are a proven cause of breast cancer, after all, and in this day and age, it's irresponsible to risk your health like that.

"Mummy, why do you have tits? Don't you know that tits give you cancer?"

I'd love to see polyp-faced Arnott's reaction to that.

banned said...

have you started to get "support texts" yet Mr Marquis?
@ Dick http://youtu.be/zTk8I0luDvg