Tuesday 16 October 2012

Mascot Watch 21: 'In Your Face' BBC Edition

It's been a couple of months since the last update on our esteemed mascot. Our previous granting of his wish to be The Gruffalo was well received in his office, sources have told me.

His mood was less frivolous, though, when featured by Guido this morning requesting Ofcom investigate whether the BBC should be considered a "fit and proper" organisation to hold a broadcasting licence in light of the Jimmy Savile revelations. His letter can be read below.

Letter to CEO of Ofcom

For anyone (me included) who witnessed how the BBC led a lefty feeding frenzy during Leveson, it was hilarious to see their not-so-subtle stoking of flames against Murdoch potentially come back to bite them painfully on the arse, courtesy of our Phil.

The hacking scandal - awful as it was - revolved around reporting of stories in an illegal manner which caused much offence. Allegations in the BBC's case involve people actually being harmed while BBC bosses looked away.

I'm sure the BBC will pursue their own nasty skeletons in exactly the same aggressive manner that they subtlely went after their main broadcasting competitor, eh? They are, after all, impeccably impartial, aren't they?



Jay said...

I do imagine that heads will roll at the BBC, and if my feeling is correct, this will happen within the next week or two at first, then the final heads over the course of the next six months to a year. There's also lots of £££'s at stake. If the (potential) payouts from lawsuits and settlements ultimately causes a net reduction of the amount of ludicrous so-called "impartial" shite that BBC regularly produces, then I say what a wonderful way to spend my TV licence fee taxes.

Of course, I also think the TV licence fee should be made voluntary for a two-year period, to see if anyone actually voluntarily pays for it. Can you imagine that?

c777 said...

Milibands even taking a dig at them.
I believe though his ,motives are to divert attention away from his own parties failings when it comes to pervies let's face it these sickos although a significant minority are everywhere
http://Labour25.com , for example.
Still, when the leader of the Labour party whome you would have thought naturally would be an ally of the BBC asks for an independent enquiry the BBC are in trouble.
I cannot see the BBC recovering from this.
It could also be the end of the lucrative career path from the Guardianistas.

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