Friday 21 December 2012

Give A Good Guy A Seasonal Pat On The Back

As we wind down for Christmas, you might like to consider doing something modest to pat a good man on the back for protecting our interests in 2012.

If you look to the sidebar on the right, you'll see that our esteemed mascot is described as Spectator Readers' Representative of the Year 2011. This accolade was awarded to our Phil last December after we pointed out his outstanding efforts in the previous twelve months.

It was described by Conservative Home as "a very good choice" at the time. That's handy, because I think he'd make a very good choice for Con Home's Conservative Parliamentarian of the Year Award 2012 too. So I have nominated him and hope some of you may see your way to doing the same.

As if you needed any justification, our Phil has been just as principled and busy this year as in 2011 hence why I reckon he deserves more encouragement.

He appeared in many articles opposing minimum alcohol pricing as the consultation was announced, and got in early with his condemnation of the policy when opposing arch-alcohol prohibitionist Sarah Wollaston in the Spring.

He was also prominent in the debate against plain packaging, with quotes of his being picked up by the BBC and a number of other media outlets. Six months ago, he was also front and centre in a collective letter to Andrew Lansley slamming the idea and expressing "serious concerns".

He has continued his insistence that the UK should be given a referendum on the EU, and for the second year in succession called for a cut in the EU budget. It's interesting to note that last year he was one of 37 MPs who did so, while this year it was 51 with others feeling emboldened by the courage of those like our Mr D.

In September he also put his name to a bill designed to cut to the heart of the EU problem by repealing the European Communities Act 1972. It is partly through action such as this that yesterday saw David Cameron claiming that a Tory eurosceptic stance is back on the agenda.

And as if that wasn't enough, he also called for expenses cheat Denis MacShane to face criminal charges; defended the press against state intrusion; gave the BBC's Lord Patten a torrid going-over in committee, resulting in his being called 'impertinent' for having the cheek to ask how our money is spent; described George Orwell's 1984 as a book that "best sums up 'now'", and still had time to express his wish to be a Gruffalo.

How can it possibly be anyone else, eh?

If you have a moment spare, you can nominate by clicking this Con Home article and simply adding your choice, and reason behind it, to the comments.


BrianB said...

Philip Davies is a star! He represents everything that reminds me why I voted for the Conservative party from the first time I was legally able to vote. The same party of which I was also a member until March 2006, when my MP (Andrew Mitchell) declined to commit that a future Conservative government would repeal the Smoking in Public Places legislation.

"It's going spread through the whole of Europe" he said, and "The French will probably be the last to follow suit". Of course we now know what he meant, don't we?

Cameron, on the other hand, represents everything that reminds me why I have voted UKIP every time since then (or spoiled my ballot of there was no UKIP candidate).

He is a thick, self-regarding, quasi-socialist, misanthropic arse - as are nearly all of the Tory front bench (and a big chunk of the back-benchers too)!

Philip would make a far better PM than that dullard.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

You make a very sound case. ;)