Tuesday 13 May 2014

In A Nutshell

Busy times here in Puddlecoteville but here's a quick gem from an article I read in the office this afternoon over a corned beef and pickle sarnie.

Ben Popken of NBC News has written a fairly balanced piece about differing policies towards e-cig use in American offices. In essence, it seems that small businesses are mostly embracing their use while larger ones opt for counter-productive and lazy blanket bans. However, the comments underneath also tell a story of their own about the new phenomenon of vaping.

As you read down you will see one pompous anti-smoker after another desperately drawing extreme scenarios, expressing faux outrage, or coming up with far-fetched excuses to fear e-cigs and show disgust towards anyone who uses them. Without any 'evidence' of harm - you know, like the olden days when smoking bans were supposed to be about that - to hang their irrational prejudices on, each scrape of the barrel is effortlessly countered by other more tolerant and rational folk.

It's a joy, it really is, but the whole situation is gloriously and succinctly encapsulated in this excellent put-down by some non-smoking geezer called "Mike from Gary". Watch and learn.
Admit it, people like you are simply enjoying lording it over people who use a still-legal product, and are just pushing as hard as you can, simply because you can. You pushed them into "smoking areas," then complained the areas were too smoky. You pushed them outside, then complained because you could smell them when the wind was right. Now they've found a compromise solution, but you're not interested in solutions, are you? You just enjoy imposing your will on others.
Nailed it. It's never been about health

Y'see, this is why I love e-cigs so very much. They almost appear sent by a heavenly being to expose anti-smokers - and the junk scientists who cater to them - as the absurd, self-centred, intolerant, anti-social control freaks they have always been.

And do you know what? I think more and more people are beginning to notice.


r658ghyur said...

More are starting to notice. The e-cig community would do well to organize more civil disobedience, as they just did in NY...

SteveW said...

I wish I'd written that, I just tend to get a little bit too wordy.
I will, however, happily drink to the author :-)

DP said...

Dear r658ghyur

That should read "... more civil obedience ...".

The disobedient ones are those who fondly believe the public exist to do what ever they tell them to do. They are the ones who do not obey the mores of civil society.