Thursday 8 May 2014

So Wine Is Targeted At Kids Then, Yeah?

Desperately-contrived tobacco control industry attack of the week is from Bloomberg, where else?
Flavored cigars that are popular with teens contain the same additives found in Jolly Rancher candies and Kool-Aid drink mixes, lending weight to the argument that tobacco companies take aim at youth, researchers said. 
Almost every flavor chemical found in tested sweets, including grape and cherry, are used in combinations in similarly flavored cigars and dipping tobacco, Portland State University researchers said in a letter posted yesterday by the New England Journal of Medicine.
You mean the tobacco industry buys flavourings from the same flavouring manufacturers as does every other industry? The bastards!
The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids called flavored cigars “Big Tobacco’s tricks for getting kids hooked on their products” in a blog post in October.
Or they could be just something for adults who like grapes? You know, the fruit used to make the wine that adults worldwide drink many squillions of gallons of every day? Yeah, I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.
[Brian King, senior adviser to the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health], compared the cigar products to electronic cigarettes that come in flavored versions as well. Lorillard Inc. (LO)’s blu eCigs come in flavors including cherry crush, vivid vanilla and pina colada.
Well, that nails it, and no mistake. Who ever heard of an adult enjoying cherries, vanilla ice cream or a cool pina colada?

Good grief.


Jax said...

I once accidentally spilled some orange squash on a pack of cigarettes. Needless to say, I dried them out and smoked them anyway, and very nice they were, too, if unusual! So flavoured cigarettes are perfectly easy for kids to make for themselves, so why is Bloomberg bothering. Incidentally, cigarettes can be quite well “metholated,” too, just by putting a mint (you know, one of those ones with the holes) into the pack after a couple have been smoked.
So no point banning methols, either!

Zillatron said...

When I was still smoking (I'm a happy vaper now), I did the methol flavoring the purest way:
Light a cig and then rub a menthol crystal (not to be confused with crystal meth ... ;)) along the paper. The slightly increased temperature was enough to melt some and it was soaked in immediately.
I also used to grind crystal to a fine powder to flavor rolling tobacco.

Zillatron said...

And all the flavoured vodka can only be meant to lure children ...

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Everything the capitalist pig-dogs produce is meant to lure children when lefties (which 'public health' is stuffed to the gills with) are scratching about for an excuse to ban something.

truckerlyn said...

And like us, when we were kids, tell them NOT to do something and they are bound to give it a try! So, if anyone is pushing drink and cigs at the kids then it is the bullshitters who keep banning stuff!