Saturday 3 May 2014

Link Tank 03/05

Just before I power up the Flymo.

Health fascists strike – triumph of the ill will

E-cigarettes are making tobacco obsolete. So why ban them?

The US defends flavoured tobacco ban by saying it was pointless

'Public health' adopts the missionary position

US demands banks close accounts of people "doing something government officials don’t like"

Cocaine use rising in Australia and they're paying too much for it

"McDonald’s [and other fast food restaurants] may be the safest places to eat out"

So that's how the Egyptians moved huge pyramid stones (pic)

The man who brings ancient beers to life

Massachusetts town ends 32-year ban on arcade games

Dog barks maths


Surrender is not an option said...

The International Anti Smoking Hysteria is now approaching the position
of the Third Reich in 1937-38 where oppostion is muted by appeasement
White flag wavers carried aloft by spineless minnows.
Liberty,freedom and choice have no worthy defenders,just a motley band of
clicking gibbons chattering from the highest branches,whimpering their disapproval without an earthly chance of attention. A thousand budgies pecking at the millet occasionally head butting the kelly toy on the sand strewn cage floor. Well spoken Generals without foot soldiers,dandy pilots
without aircraft,Admirals without sailors
When if ever will the coma give away to action ....When ?

Dioclese said...

Seems you're getting some stick over on my blog, Dick. I point this out only in case you want to defend yourself...

Longrider said...

The idiot Rickie is trolling again. I know I shouldn't, but the temptation to give the vile little scumbag a kicking was too much to resist.

The AllSeeing Eye said...

Dont worry about ranting Rickie,just another scented turd one can find in any BBC or Guardian Gents Toilet between 5 and 8 pm.

nisakiman said...

Yes, just Dickie Doubledirt with his usual foul-mouthed ravings. I wouldn't dignify them with a response if I were you, DP. It's a pointless exercise.