Friday 30 May 2014

Message From A Liberal, Tolerant Guy

Bucks Herald deputy editor Adam King is a nice fella, apparently.
I consider myself a liberal, tolerant guy ...
Aww, that's nice.
Bucks County Council, which now has responsibility for public health, should work alongside the district council to introduce a town centre smoking ban during big public events, on the grounds of protecting and promoting its residents’ wellbeing.
Oh, but what about our human rights, I hear the smoking lobby bleat. ‘We’re a minority too!’
My answer is simple. 
Unlike race, gender or sexuality, smoking is a choice – and one which not only harms their health but those around them. 
Until we have a situation where not one person is subjected to passive smoking, their ‘persecution’ must continue unabated.
These self-professed liberal types who are only liberal about things they personally like (and ignorant with it) do make me laugh. Tune in next week for his column on how he is perfectly happy to share the world with everyone who isn't Adam King, as long as we promise him the world on a stick for Christmas.

Good grief.

H/T Forest, TT


Captain Ranty said...

With liberals like him, who needs fascists?

Kath Gillon said...

I only have one thing to say to that twat (and apologies for the language on your blog Dick) but he can FUCK OFF .
There is nothing quite so fascist as a self righteous leftie.
If he's a liberal I am the reincarnation of Dame Margaret Ruterford.

smiffy01 said...

Enjoy this Dick!....

Smudger said...

Here's some language. What a pasty-faced little fascist-wannabe cunt. Truly, some* people don't understand or appreciate the delicateness and pricelessness of freedom.

Oh well. I'm sure he'll be happy when we've finally morphed into North Korea redux and we all live identical, miserable, freedom-free lives. The cunt.

*a depressingly huge number

Frank J said...

Typical smug, self centred, petulant, puerile, small minded, c*nt that, years ago, would have been shoved in a dustbin and totally ignored.

Unfortunately, at the moment, they're the centre of the Universe. How the f*ck did we let this abomination happen?

Budvar Yorks said...

Did he not get the memo? Apparently sexuality is now a choice, Stonewall have backed off the "I was born this way" line since the sheep shaggers and kiddie fiddlers also started with the "It's genetic innit Squire"...

The Untouchables said...

I assume if hatred of smokers is now de rigeur,encouraged by the liberal elite
then hatred should be spread out in the name of equality.
In simple terms, If I am to be the subject of hatred ,isolation,segregation and bigotry then I have the right to respond by hating ,despising,ridiculing,rejecting
any minority I find offensive,in short lets have one big hatefest.Lets do unto others has they would do unto us.
Must'nt forget the Libertines and "freedom disciples",wherever they may be
surely due for a shaking rather than having semi ritual groanins at London
Gin Palaces.

What the.... said...

DP, it’s time for celebration… for unbridled merriment. Break out the champers. The UK has been honoured with an award.

Fresh director Ailsa Rutter wins prestigious World Health Organization award

I know…. it’s difficult to contain your excitement.

And Ailsa Gutter leaves us with some parting social-engineering gems:

“This is a tremendous honour, but it’s also credit to my committed colleagues at Fresh and many partners we work with, particularly within our 12 local authorities who have demonstrated exceptional leadership for many years around tobacco issues.
“Fresh has always been about much more than a small team or programme but about a real sense that addressing smoking is ‘everyone’s business’ and in the North East many people have worked tirelessly together since 2005 to help tackle what were very high smoking rates in the region.
“Although we have achieved a great deal, much more still needs to be done to make smoking history for our children. This is something that I believe the public expect us to do now and our work will not end until we have truly made smoking a thing of the past.”

Ms Gutter is due “showers of praise”:

Praise was showered on Ms Rutter by local leaders. Anna Lynch, chair of the North East Directors of Public Health Network, said: “I am absolutely delighted for Ailsa. This award is certainly well deserved.
“Ailsa and her small expert team have worked with the directors of public health and their tobacco leads over the last five years and helped us to collectively make a real difference to the people of the North East.”

Take a bow, Ms Gutter. The rabidly antismoking propaganda machine, the WHO, and your rabidly antismoking buddies think you’re swell.

What the.... said...

Ailsa Gutter is a perky…. super perky, ever-smiling, brain-dead moron: All enthusiasm and clueless – the very sort of personnel the antismoking racket is after.

moonrakin said...

I'm sensing a Bartlett relative...

Can this toxic twerp be provoked into saying something more?

Oxygen thief.

Junican said...

It would be nice if FRESH gave an award to the WHO. That would equal things up a bit. In fact, it would be even better if they all serially gave each other annual awards for pickpocketing of taxpayers, and conning the government. But perhaps the later is too easy to deserve an award.

What the.... said...