Saturday 17 May 2014

Link Tank 17/05

Did you get the meat for the BBQ?

Crackdowns on tax avoidance implies taxation is moral. It is not.

Why do we love tobacco plain packaging but hate e-cigs?

Should a robot sacrifice your life to save two?

Conchita Wurst is a man. So why is everyone referring to him as 'she'?

"It is impossible to shield children completely from the wickedness of the world"

Ireland has no plans to ban fox hunting

How women are taking over the beer industry (pic)

How Samuel L. Jackson started a porn piracy backlash

It's hard to have your voice count in the EU

Three McDonald's virgins eat a Big Mac for the first time

The top five venomous snakes of Australia


john gibson said...

I have just commented on the fox hunting story.

john gibson

a few seconds ago

and (Simon Coveney) is letting a minority dictate what happens in this country. It's simply not good enough."
Yes, just like the minority that banned smoking in pubs.

nisakiman said...

Re the Conchita Wurst article, it rather put me in mind of this clip:

On of the few said...

Next week we will find out how many backstabbing,treacherous ,limpwristed weasels we have in our midst,just check out how many still vote LIB/LAB/CON
not forgetting the twisted tumours who co-habit with dung beetles The Greens
Just for the record ,the groaning,bearded freak who won the "fixed" Eurovision Song Contest,Conchita Wurst,,,,,,,,,Wurst = Sausage

As for wimmin taking over the pubs thats obvious the remaining clientele are either rejected females or halfmen allthough a few normal males can still be found in the doorways whispering rebellion,all warriors untill asked to prove it

Peter said...

Not a comment, just a link to a good, amusing article:-

Anto said...

As a kid growing up in central Queensland during the early 1970's, we were visited at school by Ram Chandra, the Taipan Man. He had all of these snakes and more, and pulled them out of their boxes to show us. He was quite elderly by this stage and had been bitten so many times by venomous serpents that he needed two walking sticks to get around. Even so, his hands were still as quick as lightning.

And the show was so memorable that I still recall it forty years later.