Monday 9 June 2014

Drugs Are Only Cool If Sold By Criminals

Marijuana is so in fashion these days, but the mad mechanic is worried.
CONTEXT: In 2012, Washington State and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and Uruguay, beginning in 2014, will become the first country to legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana. The challenge facing policymakers and public health advocates is reducing the harms of an ineffective, costly, and discriminatory "war on drugs" while preventing another public health catastrophe similar to tobacco use, which kills 6 million people worldwide each year.
It seems even Stan regards the war on drugs as an utter failure. Drugs aren't bad, m'kay, except ...
FINDINGS: Since at least the 1970s, tobacco companies have been interested in marijuana and marijuana legalization as both a potential and a rival product. As public opinion shifted and governments began relaxing laws pertaining to marijuana criminalization, the tobacco companies modified their corporate planning strategies to prepare for future consumer demand. 
CONCLUSIONS: Policymakers and public health advocates must be aware that the tobacco industry or comparable multinational organizations (eg, food and beverage industries) are prepared to enter the marijuana market with the intention of increasing its already widespread use.
... except if they're made by businesses we don't like because they have lots of money already.

Why, any fule kno that drugs are only cool when they're produced and sold by criminals, don't they?


Still waiting said...

Oh deary me,the bleating "libertarians"are herding in high places to relax the supply and use of easy drugs while doing next to nothing about the millions treated like lepers because they prefer tobacco. Lets get the silly ban in the bin before spilling croc tears for the pathetic mind bending dipsticks.
A bit of reality before we start helping the freaks to an easy Nirvana.
PS A snippet to chew on
According to the experts texting while driving is 4 times ( 4X ) more likely to cause a fatality than drink driving yet the punishment is far less severe.
We all know why............dont we?

woodsy42 said...

Were you around in the 60s you would know from Grace Slick and the Airplane that 'the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all'

(White Rabbit)