Saturday 28 June 2014

Link Tank 28/06

A surreal week.

Canberra, Dublin, Westminster and Washington need a lesson in capitalism from mentors in Havana

Banning adverts for ‘junk food’ is censorship

Introducing the first electric joint (pic)

The Soviet Union's huge porn stash ...

... and Iceland's plan to ban porn online

Trappist monks swamped by demand for their beer

Paxman: Newsnight is 'made by 13 year olds'

Californian town legalises pinball after 80 year ban

German student gets stuck in big stone vagina

Is snobbery the reason why the left hate e-cigs?


Legiron said...

The Trappists are the ones with that 'vow of silence', aren't they?

I've tried their beer. It's not that they won't speak. If they've been drinking it, they can't speak.

Ivan_Denisovich said...

I love the comments in the Independent. The Paxman story again illustrates the intellectual inadequacy, bigotry and sheer nastiness of the lefties who write there. Apparently, making disparaging comments about Belgium is "racist"these days and the BBC supports Ukip.

Rickie said...

Have a look at Taking Liberties and Simon Clark (forest) and his BBC interview where he accepts that 1 in 2 will die from smoking, this is where the pro smoking lobby full of deniers will fail, nobody will cast any doubt in public where they are identifiable that the dangers of smoking are exactly as the ASH/BMA world medical opinion states.

Its a fucking joke that anonymous bloggers in hiding bleat on about the lies from ASH/BMA yet their spokesman will not utter one word of that denial on live T.V.

Not only will anonymous bloggers remain in hiding leaving it up to their only spokesman, there virtually is no-one else who speaks for smokers and he does it as a non smoker who is gets paid to be a lobbyist, cowards in hiding bloggers once again as usual will not confront him on his blog about his total acceptance yet again of the dangers of smoking.

Simon clark agrees future generations should not smoke, he agrees with the dangers of smoking, he fucking well always agrees with the policy and principles of ASH/BMA but wishes they would do it another way....its always yes yes yes, nod, nod , nod......but he whines just do it some other way please.


JackSavage said...

First electronic joint? I do not think so. Some weed smokers have been taking advantage of "vaping" for years now. Led the charge, in fact.

Anto said... bullshite detector is on high alert over this one. E-cig explosion so big it threw her to the floor, blew the windows out and the door off its hinges? I don't think so!