Monday 23 June 2014

The WHO Attempts To Censor Websites

As well as being entirely unelected, it appears that the World Health Organisation also doesn't care much for openness and transparency.

Rumours have reached Puddlecote Towers that the WHO is spitting blood about a leaked document from a November 2013 meeting being widely discussed, and is busily putting the frighteners on those who are discussing it. They are not happy with minutes which mention that the WHO views e-cigarettes as a threat - and which prompted a much-reported recent letter to the WHO by over 50 health professionals - reaching the internet, so are doing their best to make the document disappear.

It was leaked to the Financial Times in April and has been quoted on a number of sites including Clive Bates's blog a few days later. Now, however, I understand the WHO are issuing legal letters demanding the minutes be removed and ordering the site owners not to make any reference to the minutes or to quote from them.

In case you're curious, this is the document in question, with paragraphs 11, 23 and 69-75 the parts that the WHO would prefer you didn't know about until they pursue classifying e-cigs as tobacco products in Moscow in November.

Even for a tobacco control industry known for its many dubious and borderline corrupt practices, I find this arrogant, sinister and soviet-like harassment absolutely staggering.

Still, I suppose it proves that the ideas discussed were not just idle chit-chat, and that the WHO are deadly serious about doing their damnedest to eradicate e-cigs, eh? As such, I'd urge you to have a good read of the relevant paragraphs for a glimpse of what these unelected supranational bureaucrats have planned for later this year.


nisakiman said...

Nothing surprises me about these mindless bigots anymore, DP. They despise smokers and smoking, and they despise vapers at least as much because vapers are potentially circumventing the carefully crafted punishments for being a smoker that they've spent years developing.

So e-cigs must come under the 'tobacco' umbrella, so those errant vapers don't think they can get away with vaping in (the ever expanding) no-smoking areas.

After all, It LOOKS LIKE SMOKING, and that is reason enough to ban it.

Anja M ERF vaper said...

hm.... looks like they have something to hide, eh? - Yeah, I remember when Egypt censored the internet. Nothing like keeping the truth from the people, eh? Thank you very much for pointing this out.

Anthony Billingham said...

They'll be hard pushed to eradicate it now. To many people have a backup copy stashed away, as ammo for future use.

Junican said...

Some of the statements in the paragraphs mentioned clearly indicate that the 'science to be conducted' will produce the 'right' result. It is essential that they do so because e-cigs are undermining smoking prohibition plans.

Ivan D said...

I find nothing surprising about the WHO's arrogant authoritarian behaviour. It is a foul and corrupt organisation that costs a fortune and serves no useful purpose that could not be better performed by more honest and more accountable bodies.

Stugo said...

Agenda item 11, no. 72 states that the tobacco industry claims that the nicotine in electrofags (not WHO terminology) is synthetic.

Shurely Shome Mishtake? Or not?

If not then it's not a matter for Tobacco Control. If so then electrofags are a con.

Agenda item 4 is about Interpol's request for observer status to the 'Conference of the Parties'.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) is the governing body of the FCTC.

"Observers may also participate in the work of the COP."

If the nicotine in electrofags is synthetic, the FCTC "may also adopt protocols, annexes and amendments to the Convention." so can likely extend their remit or have them controlled by another branch of the Wilful Humanity Oppressors.

The UN will find a way to crack down on all personal freedom under the guise of 'health', 'equality', 'peace' and of course, the environment and 'sustainability'.

Trench Contemptible said...

There are many ways of shaking the puritans besides the Web ,which will be
gradually restrained by the authorities. Obviously the last 10 years of digital opposition has hardly touched the ever increasing actions of the ever growing
anti smoking institutions.It could be said ,without the web a more visible ,physical,direct action would have evolved.
Time to sort out the pitch forks and similar before the screens go blank

Mark. S said...

Once you shed light on dark corners, unelected busybodies do not like anyone questioning their "plan".

harleyrider1989 said...

Its Fast falling apart all over the world this anti-smoking movement.
The proverbial Genie is out of the bottle as everyday mass media abandons the Prohibitionists in mass. Theres stories galore everyday against the bans anymore. Its come to a festering oozing head.

harleyrider1989 said...

Id like a copy in HTML

harleyrider1778 said...

Plain packaging shaming smokers into quitting

Moreover, plain packaging is a long-term public health measure designed to work as part of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy

Prohibition was a long term solution too. But first you have to prove theres a health issue and since no study anywhere proves end point connection to any disease from direct smoking you have failed on all counts and leaves only the Bigotted position as a smoke hater against those who smoke or vape. But the hate doesn’t stop there oh no! It goes onto the fatties,the drinkers,the soda and sugar junkie crowd…………in fact you medicos HATE EVERYBODY and likely yourselves to for leading such mundane shallow lives with truly nothing left to do except control peoples lives and that’s always been epic fail thru out history! So when it all comes crashing down on your prohibitionist heads don’t cry to loud we are already sick of your rants and BS CLAIMS OF HARM!

Mickelodian said...

It is getting to the point where a face off will happen... I wonder if I wrote a free app that kept track of every request a person made to a politician and whether that was acted upon (by the politician stating so and/ or the app accessing how they voted) would be the way to force all governments to simply just do what we f**king say and not what they want... it would at least (if it went viral) create a total face off between all of us V's these underhanded monsters

Caprizchka said...

It's all for our own good. They love us! If only we knew just how much.

Albert8184 said...

We will know in time. We will know all too well.

Albert8184 said...

The global utopians want to provide universal health care - but there are downsides to the freebies of course.