Saturday 21 June 2014

Link Tank 21/06

This is the week that was.

John Candy slaughtering innocents in Uncle Buck
How not to legalise a drug

Letting the facts get in the way of plain packaging

Labour has always been the party of a reactionary elite

A school dinners recipe that’s hard to swallow

Just leave your car here and walk home

Just watching a film containing smoking kills 29,000 Canadian kids a year, apparently (pic)

How public sector "bureaucratic lobotomizing" cripples services

"All are required to be married" - China's highly-paid porn judges

Turkey bans beer for Anzac visitors to Gallipoli

Fish-eating spiders

1 comment:

Jax said...

Re: the Canadian “smoking in movies” story … if they keep telling us that 50% of smokers will “die from their habit” (or is it more now? Hard to know), then how can they estimate that of the 92,000 who have taken up smoking because they saw it in a film, that only 29,000 will die because of it? Surely the figure should be more in the region of 46,000. Have the laws of mathematics changed? Or has tobacco suddenly become less “deadly” than it used to be? Now that would be a story I'd like to see!

I wish these zealots would make their bloody minds up!