Friday 13 June 2014

So Paddy Says To Mick ...

And they say we can't tell jokes about the Irish?
Ireland to follow Australia's lead on plain cigarette packaging
Announcing the decision, Irish health minister James Reilly said the change would mark a significant step forward towards the goal of making the country smoke free by 2025.
So let's get this straight. A policy which has tanked in the only place it has ever been attempted will be a 'significant step' for a country which has endorsed every daft tobacco control industry trouser-stuffer but is still a global laughing stock.

Despite being 38th in shitness of 41 OECD nations on smoking prevalence, Ireland's government truly seems to believe that a fantasist wet dream posing as serious policy will dramatically turn around their fortunes in a smidgeon over a decade. Oh well, there's one born every minute.

In other news, James Reilly just returned a pair of water skis because he couldn't find a lake with a slope.


Séan Billings said...

James Reilly is a true believer. A doctor who's father and brother both died from smoking related illnesses. There is no tactic he will not try and he doesn't care who's freedom he takes away, or how deep into someone else's pocket his hand ends up going. It's a personal crusade. Good versus evil, with him on the side of the angels, the evil tobacco companies scheming with Satan and the poor smokers (simple minded dupes that they are) either too stupid or too addicted to help themselves.

If an anti tobacco tactic doesn't work it either needs more time, or the data has to be reinterpreted. If that doesn't make the tactic look better then the data must be flawed (probably corrupted by the evil tobacco companies) and a new data set must be harvested, by a "trustworthy" institution.

Smoking is so bad that anything done to try to reduce it is justified. Throw enough muck and some of it is bound to stick, is the way this is approached. If you don't agree with any element of tobacco control, then you are in the pay of big tobacco, or just a loon.

The rest of the Irish government doesn't care too much about it. Irish Medical Association and anti smoking people tell them it's the right thing to do and so does the minister for health, so they'll just go along. They won't bother looking into it themselves when they can just vote the way the "experts" tell them to.

Anglo-Irish said...

Nothing new about the Irish doffing their caps to lying politicians ,they've had
a thousand years of experience of dumb obedience to central authorities
Even now after 90 years of "independence" they're still crawling on their knees
to anyone in a smart suit or designer dress
Anglo-Irish thinker

moonrakin said...

Grandad nailed Reilly last year...

truckerlyn said...

So, just who are the loons?

truckerlyn said...

Ok, smoking MAY kill you, but then so could being run over by a bus! Some people will survive, others won't. Ultimately, at the end of the day LIFE is a risk - no matter what we do, there is always an element of risk where, by some fluke, we could die. We will all die one day, that is a cast iron guarantee.

What matters to people is the quality of life whilst they are on this earth, as tomorrow they may depart for good!

The sooner these interfering little hitlers get that through their mega thick skulls, the better.