Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bear Essentials

Never been one for teddy bears myself, but I could get to like this little fella. Not sure what the rope is for, but he's got the rest nicely covered (even the curious #5).


Bearwitch said...

Cigs? Vodka?

O dear, watch out or BTS will try to cut me open to see if I have a stash of stuff like that!

The Filthy Engineer said...

It's No.9 that fascinates me. Hanging MPs' with? You could fit more piano wire in there.

BTS said...

And there was me thinking that Bear was just full of white wine..

w/v: pigneed (poor taste surely whilst in the grip of a pandemic..)

Dick Puddlecote said...

TFE: Of course, how silly of me not to realise that. Piano wire would definitely be more space-saving (as well as more efficient).

Screaming Banshee said...

I want one :-)

Bearwitch said...

BTS: White wine???? Never touch the stuff. You have mistaken me for another bear.

SB: Me too. It is 'bear' essentials after all :-)

IanPJ said...

BTS, White Wine?

One is of the opinion that White Wine only has 2 good uses.

1. Cooking
2. Getting Red Wine stains out of the carpet.

BTS said...

My apologies Bear. In my defence it had been a particularly hard day at work and the first bottle was almost empty by the time I typed that..

I really do deserve a hangover for yesterday but I must have some good karma at the moment..

Ian: very true, but you're neglecting champagne. Nothing sets you up better for the day than a champagne breakfast and a blonde..

Anonymous said...

It's a nice idea, but it appears to be missing a branding iron, a piercing tool and a bottle of GHB.