Saturday, 19 September 2009

Labour Prepare For Lib Dem Obscurity

The one thing that is politically certain in this country is that whatever illiberal nonsense the Lib Dems spout, it's not going to actually happen. They being terminally unelectable and all that, despite a propensity to jump on every bandwagon whilst simultaneously attempting to sit on a multitude of fences when tackled.

It's working wonders for them electorally, of course. Despite Labour imploding, their Euro election share fell by 1.2%.

Perhaps Labour have noticed this rejection of social democratic policies, for they have embarked on an odd charm offensive in recent days. In many areas, they are actually proposing to ease up on kicking us in the balls for a bit. Yes, seriously.

However, as Letters From A Tory pointed out, it's easy to promise such things when they aren't going to be in government anyway.

•Gordon Brown promised union leaders on Tuesday that he would legislate for new employment rights for our 1.3 million agency and temporary workers in the next parliamentary session, but internal government documents suggest that they will not come into force until after April 2011

•Ministers admitted this week that the Government cannot afford to meet a previous manifesto commitment to extend maternity leave from nine months to a year, so it’s been postponed indefinitely

•The much-vaunted statutory crackdown on pubs and clubs through a new mandatory code of conduct has been delayed indefinitely, even though Gordon Brown promised to bring it in just five months ago

•The implementation of a ban on cigarette displays in supermarkets will not come into force until 2011

•The new right for fathers to claim up to six months’ paternity leave is also being delayed until April 2011

2011 features quite prominently, does it not? In their dreams mainly. Go Fourth is a nifty slogan, but the electorate will be finishing that biblical sentence come the next election.

As the Lib Dems worked out years ago, you can promise anything you like if there is no possible chance that you will be asked to deliver. It would seem that Labour's national exec are aping this approach as the electorate schmoozing is continuing apace.

Jack Straw calls for heroin on NHS

JACK STRAW, the justice secretary, has called for the NHS to give out heroin on prescription to addicts for whom other forms of treatment have failed.

He claims “imaginative” solutions to hard-drug abuse are needed and believes there could be “huge benefits” to issuing the drug to chronic addicts.

Good call, Jack. Chances of it being enacted before the next election? Nil. Especially when your party are well down the road of criminalising legal substances too.

Ed Balls is on message as well.

ED BALLS, the schools secretary, last night became the first minister to spell out how Labour would make spending cuts, announcing plans to axe thousands of school staff and restrain public sector pay.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Balls detailed more than £2 billion of cost savings worth 5% of the total schools budget.

“It is going to be tougher on spending over the next few years,” said Balls. The squeeze will begin after 2011.

So ... err ... more fantasy.

These bribes will continue to be fed to the MSM in a vain attempt by Labour to reverse out of the cul-de-sac into which their policies have chauffeured them.

Some will be fooled and believe that the party has changed, that they are beginning to care about those they have demonised and punished in 13 brutal years at the helm. The more enlightened will remember that even when faced with a potential victory, Labour ditch promises very quickly once elected.

Referendum, anyone? Partial smoking ban? And the bloody rest.

They are lying fuckers, and never let it be forgotten.

We will, fortunately, never get to see if the Lib Dims would implement their daft policy ideas. However, with Labour, we have proof that they lie on a regular basis and once elected, just do as they damn well please.

It's a clever ploy from Labour to limit the destruction which they have brought upon themselves by way of reliance on yes men, fake charity input, omission of the public on decision-making, and bare-faced spin. The reaction is to follow the route of the Lib Dems and promise where it is clear they have no will, or capacity, to deliver.

Voting for some mythical Lib Dim initiative is merely jolly naïveté, not too damaging. However, being taken in by Labour promises is dangerously irresponsible. They have form. Don't fall for it.


Angry Exile said...

Agreed, but it's depressing. If the LibDems are as without a prayer as you say then the chances of LPUK or UKIP getting in are not just very low but practically (granted, there are other reasons for voting for either of those). With Labs and Cons fighting each other to be the most centrist the UK is fast becoming a one party state in all but name, albeit a party with two wings.

Junican said...


For how long have intelligent people been saying that the answer to the problem of hard drug addiction is to take the UNAVAILABILITY out of the equation?

Is it not odd that Jack Straw has suddenly been converted?

Methinks that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Some of us have been saying for ages that if the Taliban and Al Queda are taking Afganistani opium and selling it to make money to pursue their war, then the answer is to BUY UP THE CROP NOT TO DESTROY IT.

Could it be that Jack Straw's tentative statement is a preliminary feeler in this direction?

If so, why don't they just go ahead and do it, for God's sake! The opium could easily be used for medicines. What is the problem?

Angry Exile said...

The opium could easily be used for medicines. What is the problem?

Currently a substantial part of the world's morphine comes from Tasmania's poppy crops, so I wonder if the problem is partly upsetting that walking speech balloon Kevin Rudd. I suspect that's a pretty small part of the problem though. The biggie will be the headlines in the UK tabloid press: "Free Heroin - We're All Going To Die", "Heroin Epidemic On The Way", "Dragon Chased Me All The Way Home", "Heroin Reduced Value Of My House" and "NHS Heroin Handout - What Would Princess Diana Have Said?". Frankly neither the Lab or Con wings of the UK Centrist Party have the balls or the brains to take on alarmist tabloid headlines.

Anonymous said...

... not forgetting that the LibDems reneged on their referendum pledge.

If they had not, where might the LibDems be in the polls today? That was the one thing they *could* delivery while not in office - and they failed.

The Tories are not out of the woods yet, either. Yes, their poll ratings are higher and Labour's and it will give them a majority. But as the election draws nearer, Cameron might lose more to UKIP - particularly if he keeps up that ridiculous, unconvincing "we will not let matters rest there" mantra.

What kind of fool falls for that non-statement?

Witterings From Witney said...

"What kind of fool falls for that statement"

Fausty - most Conservative supporters, including those intending to vote Conservative, obviously!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed to the post, agreed with all the comments above. Nothing more to add.

Anonymous said...

Calls for this:

New Labia, New Truth


wv: pinesses


BTS said...

I can't be the only one who read that headline as 'Jack Straw calls NHS for heroin' at first glance can I..?