Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Because It Is Simply Too Difficult To Look Away

A complaint has been lodged after a man stood naked on a Trafalgar Square plinth as part of the ongoing One and Other art installation.

Ex-detective Mark Williams-Thomas said his wife and children were "annoyed and upset". He complained to police but Mr Holwell was not taken off the plinth.

Mr Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police detective constable, said his three children, aged between eight and 13 years old, were "very shocked and embarrassed" by Mr Holwell's nudity.

He approached nearby police officers and asked them to intervene. However, after contacting a superintendent, the officers said they would not take any action against Mr Holwell.

Mr Williams-Thomas subsequently complained to the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Williams-Thomas said: "I fully expected that the surrounding police or organisers would stop this man. To my total surprise they stood by and did nothing."

You see, this man is the arbiter of our social welfare. He may well have been the only one in Trafalgar Square for the duration of that hour to complain, but he must be listened to. He is offended so it must stop. It's not up to him to avert his family's eyes, or to walk away, or to just ignore the plinth. His will be done.

Righteous, mealy-mouthed, humourless jackasses like Williams-Thomas really boil my piss. There are a legion of these arrogant, self-important stiffies scattered around the country, and each is as shrill as the next, demanding that their frail sensibilities trump the views of everyone else. As Mary Whitehouse (her blessed bewimpled blue rinse be praised) is their witness, they will stamp out all that they, personally, deem offensive, objectionable or just plain annoying, simply because they don't like it.

And here is a new twist on the I-want-everything-my-way, attitude of those who demanded no choice for anyone who visits pubs.

He added: "This was a public place and therefore I should be able to take my children without the fear of them having a man naked exposing himself."

The other choice, of course, would be to simply walk away. Just as the alternative to taking kids into a smoking-designated bar would be to not visit it, or to walk out.

Too difficult for selfish, arrogant, holier-than-thou fucksticks though. The world on a stick it must be, or they will scream and scream until they are sick.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that Nanny Beeb have deemed it worthy to make an entire web-site story on the back of a single, albeit tenacious and loud-mouthed, complaint. The only thing that is missing here for the full righteous experience is some rent-a-gob MP pitching in with manufactured moral outrage.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the bogus study showing how it harms the chiiiildren!


Anonymous said...

His wife nearly had a stroke only she couldnt quite reach!

Henry North London said...

I was lucky enough to watch this on Sunday... He wasn't all that interesting after all.

vincent1 said...

How true Dick, I would not go to a nudist beach, not because I object to others who like the freedom of no clothes, Because I would look stupid, with my clothes on, so I do not go to nudist beaches, how easy is that.
I also do go to smoke-free pubs,(well rarely) parties I do make an exception, but I do not have a choice in the UK to go to a smoking one.
There will always be something to offend some-one, that will never stop.

Bearwitch said...

I am offended by people who lie, cheat and thieve...

But they won't remove the government, will they

Junican said...

At Chester Zoo one day, I and daughters aged around eight years were close to the lions' enclosure. A male lion strolled over to a female lion and, without so much as a 'by your leave', started to mount said lioness. What did I do? I ushered the kids away. Why? Simply because I did not want to even begin to answer the questions that I KNEW were going to be asked.
I dare say that I should have gone to the zoo authorities and made a fuss about 'this disgusting act'. I could maybe have insisted that 'something should be done' to separate male and female lions so that my children do not see lions copulating and asking awkward questions.
To my eternal shame, I did not.

Mrs R said...

"a man stood naked on a Trafalgar Square plinth"

And it was just over the road from the National Gallery that contains paintings of nude men and women. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for showing nakedness, and for free too!

"three children, aged between eight and 13 years old, were "very shocked and embarrassed" by Mr Holwell's nudity."
No, they were probably more embarrassed that their Dad was with them, otherwise they'd have all had a good look!

Anonymous said...

@frosty - ROFL!

Actually, I thought that male nudity in public was a criminal offence. Has the law been changed or was this part of the 'empty plinth' stunt and so Art?

I suppose by now everyone's heard of the action taken by the snappily-named, The Movement For The Containment Of Christmas which has glued the locks of a 'Mind' charity shop in protest that it is already selling Christmas cards which TMFTCOC demand should not be sold until at least November?


BTS said...

Does anyone know if any hot chicks are planning a similar work of art..?

Henry North London said...

If anyone wants to see it

Honestly its all a bit of fun after all

Captain Ranty said...

Why are we so nauseated by the naked human body?

The ex-copper should have been flayed just for whining.

Having now seen the chaps dangle, I would have puffed out my chest a little, had I been there.

"Look", I would have said to Mrs Ranty, "I DO have a bigger dangle than someone!".

BTS said...

Henry: Unfortunately that link doesn't work. And I was intrigued by it ending with 'jugs'..

Captain: Having only seen a moving question mark on the BBC I'm afraid that I can't comment, although the first thing that sprung to mind was that it might be a bit too chilly up there to win any adoring fans..

Henry North London said...

It works Its just Jug Then look at Sunday 30th at 2pm

BTS said...

Aargh! Henry, what are you trying to do to me? I asked for hot chicks..

neil craig said...

I'm sorry but if this had not been "modern art" he would have been arrested for indecent exposure. I don't think indecent exposure laws should be repealed & I don't think they shouldn't apply to people with an Arts council grant.