Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Them Fatties, They're All The Same, They Are. Tax 'Em

Only in this healthist political climate can one read a story and be moved to laughter and anger in equal measure.

I've had stand up rows with lardy-arsed fuckwits who have condescendingly moralised about the "wonderful" smoking ban. One particularly wobble-bottomed cock, for example, in between breathing like Darth Vader deprived of Strepsils, laughed contemptuously when I suggested that his size would attract the attention of the righteous in due course.

He will be mightily surprised at this, then.

Doctor demands tax penalties for the obese

A LEADING doctor has slammed fat people for being a drain on the NHS.

Dr [X, see later], chairman of Tameside Primary Care Trust and a British Medical Association representative, said obesity is costing the north west region £680m a year.

One-sided statistic from a doctor? Tell me it ain't so.

He has called for new tax credits for people with a healthy weight, those who exercise and mothers who breast feed their babies as well as a tax on fatty foods. And he says we should stop giving people who are too fat to walk free motorised scooters and make all school dinners healthy.

Not his money, see? Expanding the public sector is no problem at all. Our taxes are an inexhaustable source. I mean, do these ridiculous dickwads ever cast a glance at the economic principle of marginal returns?

A £680m 'problem' will not be solved by spending even more taxpayer cash in throwing complications at an already over-expensive failure of tax policy?

Oh yeah, did you notice, it's yet another dictatorial NHS doctor? So what is this prick's provenance?

The former Ashton GP and British Medical Association representative says people need to change their lifestyles to cut their risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and many types of cancer.

The BMA again. Seriously, are we even surprised anymore?

Need to change? Listen, you quite astounding moron, as the Mash quite rightly points out, there is no 'we' here.

"Once again the BMA is talking about alcohol being a threat to 'public' health as if that's an actual thing.

"There is 'my' health, which is 'mine', and 'your' health which is 'yours', but there is no 'our' health. D'you see?

You look after your health, we will look after ours. We pay - a fucking lot of money, as it happens - for you tossers to fix us when we are damaged. What you do with your life is your own affair. What we do with ours is no damn business of yours.

Here is the very best part of the irony, though.

"For example, motorised scooters are provided free to morbidly obese patients with weight-dependent arthritis, when the best remedy for these people would be to walk through their pain or avoid excess weight gain in the first place."

This arrogant state-paid medic is advocating inflicting pain and social exclusion on the overweight to teach them a lesson. Let the bastards suffer is his approach. He doesn't attempt to differentiate between those for whom obesity is self-inflicted, merely gene-related, or even a consequence of dullard health staff who (as is rather common) misdiagnose. No, his sole method of determining the unworthy is an arbitrary BMI index score, such as the one which found a 5 year old kid, whose ribs were clearly visible, as obese back in May.

To fat twats everywhere who thought the smoking ban was a good idea because it didn't affect you, there is no sympathy whatsoever from me surrounding this new assault by the righteous - you asked for it. The difference is that I will enthusiastically fight for your right to respect, based on your merits or otherwise, as much as you failed to bother with mine.

To the quite hideous health service employee who is spouting this nonsense, you have a very short memory.

The human condition, doctor, as you should be aware, is predisposed to singling out those who are different, and by personal opinion therefore inferior, in some way to themselves. It is a vindictive trait which is shameful to the human race in general. Unfortunately, however much one tries to close down such hatred, new avenues will always emerge.

This doctor's attitude appears to be 'they're all the same, them fatties. None worthy of respect'.

For a doctor named Kailash Chand to single out a section of society as being homogenous and deserving of opprobium, irrespective of individual circumstances, is an incredible example of forgetfulness and hypocrisy.


Unknown said...

Somehow saying to myself "I/we told you so" does not make me feel any better but...

Anonymous said...

"..those who exercise and mothers who breast feed..."
Pardon, what the bloody hell has breastfeeding got to do with anything, especially this arrogant, male loudmouth. Does taxing fat people then include or exclude fat, breastfeeding mothers.What about fat breastfeeding mothers who get a lot of exercise? What bit of feeding baby can men do to get a matching tax credit? What a tosser.

Unknown said...

Dick, no sympathy from me either for any pumped up wobble-botties who think the smoking ban is a good idea. How long will it be before all dump-truck sized humans will have to report weekly to local boil away fat centres, for a thorough dressing down and a force feeding healthy diet regime.

Kailash Chand sounds like a sour faced bumptious bollock who has carefully nurtured his self righteous credentials with orgasmic relish.

Will we see a time when eugenics once again (after laying dormant) raises its head, sniffs the air…and decides the tide is in its favour and perhaps this could be the ultimate solution.

Imagine it…being able to create humans who fulfil every wish laid down by the unquestioned moralists and self righteous. Somewhere genetic engineers sympathetic to the cause will already be checking their equations in anticipation.

I can’t wait for the first house visit where compulsory questionnaires will determine if my thinking is right…if not, then it’s off to report to my local Grupenfuhr where I ‘m measured for my straightjacket.

I wonder if it will have a vote Labour sticker on the back!

BTS said...

They get those scooters for free? Pass me the cake..

I loved the good doctor's opinion piece:

"What I am discussing is the elephant in the room"

A touch harsh surely..?

JuliaM said...

This is why I refer to them as the British Meddling Association...

Anonymous said...

....where does it end?

By extension of Chand's logic you could postulate the following..

"Palliative care for the terminally ill just prolonges the, [albeit more bearable] suffering. What we really need it to deny them morphine in the hope that they die in agony more quickly..."


"People with broken bones from sports injuries should be denied treatment, ensuring their bones heal slowly, painfully and disjointedly. Thus limiting further involvement in said activity, and therby preventing future injuries and saving the NHS even more money"

Does this person actually know what the Hippocratic oath means...?

What a callous, uncaring twat.


Antipholus Papps said...

Will we see a time when eugenics once again ... raises its head

Makes you wonder what the DNA database is for, eh?

westcoast2 said...

obesity is costing the north west region £680m a year.

Remind me, how much does iatrogenesis cost the NW per year?

Speck, plank, eye

Unknown said...

"..those who exercise and mothers who breast feed..."

Just another pop at the poor mothers who already feel sub-normal cos they can't breastfeed (or choose not to). What right has any male got to dictate what a woman does or does not do? Besides, can they actually prove whether a woman breastfeeds or not?

As for the exercising, does that mean going along to a gym and having a card stamped to prove it?

It's all about proof. As we know, that can easily be doctored - the guv has been doing it for years.

Junican said...

Funnily enough, I quite like this fuckwits thinking.

Here is the new idea.

By the new Health Act 2010, everyone has to have their body mass index checked. Anyone with a body mass index over 25 (or whatever) has to pay an extra 10p in the pound income tax.

The regulations to the Act state that 'genetic' excuses will not be tolerated (on the grounds that no fatties came out of Belsen).

The Act will be enforced with effect from 1st Apr 2011. The first group to be tested and 'fined' will be doctors. The second group (tested Sep 2010) will be MPs. The third group will be epidemiologists and statisticians. The fourth group will be Global Warmists. The fifth group will be members of Ash, and so on.

I'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the moment.....

I've just been reading about Tudor England - they had a system of fines for people who ate more than a two course meal a day and earned less than the modern £100K a year.

So when the righteous link your ID card to your McDonalds visits and twang you with an on the spot ££ it's not a new thing - really.

There's a few other Tudor practices I'd quite like to see tried out on the righteous though - the M25 bridges would be a good place for the heads

Rob said...

"Walk through" the pain of arthritis? What a fucking tosser. Could someone break his legs and then insist he walks it off?

There was a time when doctors actually cared about people and did their best to help them. I am old enough to remember that.

This cunt should be struck off.

Marky said...

If we get rid of Labour and actually end up with a government that doesn't cause massive depression then the NHS wouldn't have to dish out anti-depressants like sweeties, therefore there would be less fat people. Win, win , win.

Marky said...

"the best remedy for these people would be to walk through their pain"

This is something like what I was told to do at 3am by a paramedic whilst trying not to scream in pain. It didn't work with my bad back when I was having excruciating cramp spasms and I was given no pain killers or Valium injection (which does work). I'm pretty bloody sure it won't work for arthritis sufferers either.

Sell the BBC said...

Adolph Hitler was a relativly slim, non-smoking, teetotal, asexual vegetarian and look where that got him.