Friday, 18 September 2009

Stop Keep Saying That

Via England Expects, more evidence of the growing political trend in attempting to silence opposition rather than debating the subject matter.

Micheál Martin, the Irish Foreign Minister, doesn't like the way the democratically-elected Freedom and Democracy Group are campaigning for a NO vote in Lisbon Treaty referendum 2 - 'In Brussels, no-one can hear you scream NO' (soon to be a Lucas-esque polyology if the stout-guzzlers keep telling the EU to feck off)

In particular, he doesn't like the campaign flyer pointing out some negative facts about the treaty and the machinations of the EU itself.

As I have said before, people are welcome to express but this type of deeply cynical behaviour should have no place in our debate.

Yes. That's right. If you disagree, you have no place in the debate. Millions of votes throughout Europe don't afford you that priviliege in a two horse race. It should be overwhelming approval of Europe or ... err ... overwhelming approval of Europe that you espouse in referendum literature.

If the claims are so outlandish, Micheál, why not just rebut them? Surely a simple task even for an addled pro-EU turf-sniffer.

Get thee in the back seat, inconvenient facts, you're not welcome while MM drives this nation into the sewage farm. Right so.

UPDATE: Ollie Cromwell's blog has a neat little widget regarding the Irish referendum. I think the message is clear.

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BTS said...

May I be so glib as to simply call him an ignorant tosser? Please..?

BrianB said...

Would that be the same Micheál Martin who, as Health Minister, steered through the smoking ban legislation in Ireland?

Yes indeed, I think it would.

The man has form when it comes to closing down debates doesn't he?

Junican said...

It is so easy for the Martins of this world, isn't it? Bringing a Smoking Ban is so easy. It does not require any understanding - it shows how decisive you are; how strong you are.

Likewise with the Lisbon Treaty. You do not have to understand it and to be able to justify your opinion. Just be strong and decisive! If it turns out to be a mistake........ah well, it will be years before anyone notices and you can always fudge the issue.

Fuck you, ordinary people! I have my career to think about!