Sunday, 8 November 2009

Ain't That Global Warming A Bitch? (3)

The list is getting longer. Chicago, then Beijing ... now Switzerland.

Alpine ski resorts have welcomed a first blanket of snow, allowing some to open early and raising hopes of a bumper season despite the economic downturn.

In Verbier, Switzerland, where one in five tourists is British, more than a mile of ski runs opens today for weekend skiing. It is the earliest start to the winter season for 11 years thanks to the 50cm (19in) of snow that has fallen this week.

Verily, those 'gators will be basking off the Swedish coast before you can say 'David Miliband is a wildly deluded throbber'.

H/T Smart Mark


BTS said...

I do sincerely hope you're not going on about fucking shoes again. You still me a virgin and a bottle of vodka from last time..

BTS said...

Anyone spot the missing 'owe'..?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link. Yea verily, the Saturday Times is a goldmine of contradictions.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And don't forget New Zealand.

Coldest October for twenty years, or something like that. Check out Alan Watts for the details.

Remember - it's happening "even faster than was expected".

DocRichard said...

Mr Puddlecoat, I am sorry to have to point out that with the utmost politeness that you are confusing short term, regional weather events with long term global climate change.

It is as if someone should deny the existence of the credit crunch on the back of his having won £1000 from a £10 punt on a nag.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Doc Richard: And you are confusing me with someone called Mr Puddlecoat. ;-)

Which 'regional' area are Chicago, Beijing, Switzerland and New Zealand in? Must be an incredible tourist destination. I'd go there next year for my hols ... except it sounds too cold.