Tuesday, 24 November 2009

It's Not Offensive When Labour Say It

Tory Bear has been getting a bit of stick from Labourites over his condemnation of an anti-Thatcher tweet from vapid, fawning, Labour lickspittle, BevaniteEllie.

In short, the ursine blogger was surprised that a message posted by Councillor Tim Cheetham (a provincial prick who has featured here before), wishing a nasty accident on Margaret Thatcher, should be re-tweeted by Labour's newest, shiniest, bright young thing.

It takes a pretty sick individual to look at the footage of a frail old lady enjoying a reward for years of loyal and great service to her nation and wish a violent accident involving stairs and skateboards upon them. You may disagree with someone politically but to wish them a violent death?

... both of these people officially speak for the Labour Party. One is a councillor, the other brought in to email the entire Labour Party membership list and has been thrust into the limelight as an officially endorsed poster girl for the appalling attempt at a Labour fight back.

Now, it has been mentioned in the comments that TB is being a trifle precious here, and, in an ideal world, they would have a point. However, this is Labour we are talking about. You know, the party which has systematically thinned the collective skin of the entire nation?

They have not merely discouraged comments which could be construed as offensive, they have legislated to criminalise them but, and this is crucial, only for those who are deemed worthy by socialists. Hate speech is illegal if others utter it towards Labour's friends, but perfectly acceptable if aimed by their elected officials and party apparatchiks at those who are not stamped as 'approved' by the left.

Say you don't like Muslims and you could end up behind bars, but wishing death on Thatcher is fair game even for tinpot Tim and ever ready Ellie.

A pictorial depiction would look something like this ...

See, the commenters at TB's place tend to possess more of a spine than that attributed to the public by Labour during their tenure, but then, those who are not socialist have always tended to believe that the world is a difficult place and one should learn to cope with it rather than be nursemaided through the whole experience.

Labour, though, have decided that the country should be filled with individuals who have the right not to be offended ... ever. So much so, that we regularly read of innocuous ads receiving complaints from dainty flowers who either see offence that wasn't there, or who are quite simply too stupid to understand the joke.

So surely, if Labour aren't to be accused of hypocrisy (hey, stop laughing, I'm trying to be serious here), Mrs Thatcher should be expecting an apology quite soon, no?

Well. No. Because the response has been depressingly predictable.

The official line to take tonight seems to be smear TB as a sexist, all very well coordinated kids.

Hammer. Knee. Jerk.

As usual, rather than tackle the problem, the preferred method is an ad hom smear.

Talking about a woman? That'll be sexist. Concerned that immigration policy is wrong-headed? That'll be racist. Worried that schools are putting too much emphasis on same sex relationships? You're a homophobe.

The implication is that this was only a joke and not meant to be offensive, so TB, and Mrs Thatcher's friends and family, should just chill out.

Perhaps they might be inclined to if Labour hadn't spent a couple of decades just not getting the fucking joke themselves. Or, as A N Wilson put it at the weekend.

I would much rather live in a world where comedians sometimes 'go too far', than in a tight-lipped dictatorship where you do not dare to make a joke because someone else will think it 'totally unacceptable' - to use that pompous phrase which is trotted out all too often nowadays by the thought police. Acceptable to whom?

It is patronising to women, Jews, black people, Irish people, or indeed to anyone, to suggest they are too thin-skinned ever to hear a joke in which some stereotypical attitude is betrayed.

Them's your rules, Labour. You're the ones who promoted this atmosphere of instant mistrust of the jovial word. You're the ones who dictate that no offence should ever be perceived, let alone intended. You're the ones who have set the agenda and acted on it.

Yet wishing death or injury will be conveniently set aside in this instance, because Labour are not consistent, merely selfish.

They scream when they, or their pet groups, are even mildly offended - hell, they even scream when their pet groups are not offended but Labour think that they should be. But when it comes to Labour offending others, that's a different matter entirely. Their own right to post objectionable messages or hate speech is assiduously guarded. After all, theirs is the righteous ideology and cannot ever be questioned.

You must understand. It's not offensive when Labour do it. Got that?


Harry Cole said...

Brilliant post. Reprinting it now.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Her Twitter followers list is hideously white, innit?

But great angle on the post, DP. One reaps what one sows.

JuliaM said...

"Now, it has been mentioned in the comments that TB is being a trifle precious here, and, in an ideal world, they would have a point. However, this is Labour we are talking about. You know, the party which has systematically thinned the collective skin of the entire nation?"

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind...

Anonymous said...

Great post Dick!

100% spot on.

And idiots like her (and Hilton/Miller etc) are touted as the future face of Labour? Straight out of college, no life skills and all to quick to smear shit. Just like dirty little schoolkids do on the school toilet walls when they're six. But hey don't really know any better though do they. So what's her fucking excuse then?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta for the link, TB.

You don't half get some Labour twats on your blog. I see they are avoiding the issue and resorting to ad homs ... I do believe I mentioned that predictable line of attack in my article here.

Funny that. ;-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

I thought the joke was quite funny actually.

Apparently, Thatcher is so mentally frail that she keeps forgetting that Denis died years ago. You could have hours of fun reminding her.

Tarquin said...

Superb post, the hypocrisy is sickening

DaveA said...

I think Ellie is a bit bruised by the kicking she got by TB and Emily Nomates on Guy News. Ellie's Youtube cut and paste broadcast by a cash strapped Labour Party made some basic errors, like confusing Ernest Bevin and Nye Bevan. Ellie also tries to give the credit of women getting the vote to Labour when it was the Liberals in 1919 for 30+ year olds and the Tories in 1928 for the under 30s or "flappers."


Dick Puddlecote said...

"I thought the joke was quite funny actually."

Yep, so did I.

But then I'm not a hypocritical fucktard who liberally bandies about the right not to be offended ... like Labour.

Barking Spider said...

Perhaps they could leave that skateboard at the top of the stairs for the clumsy one-eyed fuckwit who lives there - he's bound to go hurtling to the bottom at the first attempt!

banned said...

On the subject of supposedly offensive ads, is it possible to send compliments to the ASA to counterbalance any complaints ?

James Higham said...

The Labour mantra - it's not fascism, hypocrisy et al when we do it.

rullko said...

So, in summary, you'd have to be really thin-skinned to find it "offensive" (so TB and everyone else who got their knickers in a twist is thin-skinned), but Labour should apologise anyway because otherwise they'd be hypocrites? Is that right?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Colin: If Labour expect everyone to be precious ickle flowers, perhaps they should follow their own rules. It's Labour who have instilled a culture of having to tip-toe around language just in case someone may, possibly, be offended, so it's hypocritical that one of their elected officials should disregard it.

If we have to be careful what we say, then so should they.

If they want to say what they like without worrying about the feelings of others, that's fine. But, if so, they should stop dictating to us what we can and can't say.

One or the other isn't hypocritical. Telling others not to say this or that, while at the same time posting potentially offensive messages oneself, is. Got that yet? Or still pretending not to understand?

rullko said...

No, your argument has a kind of internal consistency if you accept your premises. It's news to me that you can be banged up for saying you "don't like Muslims", but if that's true, then yes, Labour are hypocrites. Who would have guessed?

On a slight tangent, I'm surprised that the bloggers who originally complained about BE's tweet (on the grounds that they were offended, not because it was an example of government double standards) are so ready to accept your thesis that Labour's PC dominion has brainwashed them into becoming "precious ickle flowers". But I suppose their willingness to admit this reflects quite well on them.

Neal Asher said...

Barking Spider, I'm shocked ... that's ... blindist or something, I'm sure. (snigger)