Monday, 30 November 2009

MPs Seek VFM ... In Some Areas

Isn't it great to see our MPs treating our money with respect.

Via Paul Waugh

Normally a proud herald of the season, the Commons Christmas tree today looks like a sad and lonely specimen.

Knocked over by last night's winds, this is apparently the third time that it's fallen over since its arrival at the weekend.

I hear grumbles that this year the tree was put up by new contractors who may have been a little bit cheaper to hire than their predecessors.

It would appear they are less keen on value for money when it comes to their own baubles, though.

Dozens of MPs refusing to pay back expenses to Sir Thomas Legg

... it is thought up to 50 MPs are thought to have refused to respond or told Sir Thomas that they will not pay back the money, delaying his final report.

After all, it's not like the tree is something that benefits an MP personally, is it?

It's a wibbly-wobbly world if you're paid from the public purse.

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bayard said...

I wonder if any independents are planning to stand against the worst troughers on an anti-corruption ticket?