Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tanked Up?

There is something quite unusual going on in Essex.

BMW shame of naked Essex girl

The drunken girl stripped off in the middle of town whilst it was packed with late-night drinkers but she has escaped police action - because no-one complained about her behaviour.

She had already been thrown out of one bar before getting onto a new BMW and flashing her breasts, lifting her skirt and allegedly inviting passers-by to perform a sex act on her.

No, not that. I said unusual.

The scenes in the middle of town were missed by CCTV, police and Army patrols ...

Army patrols? I believe the refrain is "Dude, WTF?".

Were they there to stamp out this sort of behaviour, or to take advantage?


Tarquin said...

We used to have the red caps out in town on a friday and saturday night - mainly because most of the hoodlums were from the local barracks, could be the same - or it could just be essex

JuliaM said...

Yeah. It's just Essex... ;)

captainff said...

I think the Army might be keeping a lower profile for the next few weeks .. .. .. ..

banned said...

The Army patrols would be what the Navy call Shore Patrols, looking out for misbehaviour by their people off duty on a Saturday night and would have no juristiction over this girl ( unless she was violently imposing her sexual antics upon said off duty personell ).

But all's well that ends well, "she has escaped police action - because no-one complained about her behaviour.", so that's alright then.

I liked the comment by Rod Cross "It's interesting that this 'shocked passer-by' was so embarrassed that rather than hurry on by, he got out his camera phone and took the girl's photograph!"

Anonymous said...

Damn, there's never a CCTV camera about when you need one.

Neal Asher said...

This was Colchester, and it is an army town - has been one for centuries. I wonder, being born in Billericay and having read your previous post, should I take offense at some of the comments here? Nah, I'll just point out that the typical TV shots of fat tart puking in the gutter usually come from north of the Watford Gap. This just seemed to be an attractive girl taking her clothes of, much more preferable.

Of course the comments here are just an example of those double standards previously mentioned. Call a black man a spade and you could end up before a judge, but it's okay to describe people in Essex as filthy chavs.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Good point, well made, Neal.

The problem, though, is that Labour would prefer to also legislate to protect over-sensitive Essex girls than put everyone on an even basis and ask that everyone grow a spine.

There are already laws against incitement and threats, they should be applicable equally to all sections of society.

Friendly banter hurts no-one.

Neal Asher said...

Labour legislate for positive discrimination, which is discrimination whatever way you cut it. The lib/lefts don't seem to get that they've done a complete about face and turned into racists.