Sunday, 22 November 2009

Diseased Smokers

At last! The cure for the leprous disease of smoking is nearly upon us.

Almost 6 years ago we discussed a vaccine to help people quit smoking as it entered human clinical trials. Now it looks like the finishing touches have been put on a deal that will go into effect once phase III testing of the drug now called NicVAX is completed.

Move over suicide-inducing Champix, there's a new money-maker in town.

Did I say money-maker? I think I did.

Others have fallen short of this goal, in pursuit of a smoking-cessation market expected to hit $4.6 billion worldwide by 2016.

Fortunately for those who enjoy smoking and choose to exercise their free will in this fair country of ours, no doubt the vaccine will be entirely voluntary.

Well, at least until the government make it compulsory for those seeking treatment on the NHS, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Apparently this vile concoction works by blocking the nicotine receptors so the nicotine has no effect. And this is supposed to stop you smoking? Anyone with half a brain can see that you'd end up smoking a lot more in a vain attempt to get some sort of response. Duh! That's gonna work really well.

Anonymous said...

My doctor has 7 boxes ticked and no doubt will receive his reward for 7 drugs dispensed as encouraged. I'm still waiting for an invitation for a flu vaccine so he can earn more brownie points.
It's a shame he failed to respond to my concern about my problem of walking to the pub and what turns out to be an urgent arterial bi-pass.
Still, never mind , he got his bonus!!!!!

Sue said...

They can truly f*ck off, I enjoy smoking tobacco and other ominous substances :) but then again, a personal stash of pot is legal here in Spain!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Seems to be a lot of emphasis on the nicotine addiction side of things.

It doesn't occur to those who purport to be in charge that the lifestyle here is often so stressful and niggly that it simply drives those who smoke to smoke more. NOT because of the nicotine, but because of the time out. The 5 minutes away to get one's thoughts together before heading back to the proverbial grinding stone.

So they need to decide what they want. High house prices or less people smoking.

Don't socialists get on yer fucking tits!

banned said...

Anon 21:02, exactly what I thought when my Dr. mentioned this to me some years ago; it would also completly negate the use of patches/nicotine inhalers/pills and other big pharma smoking replacement therapies.

Incidentally; the cigarette packets that I have purchased recently have been without the scarist pictures of diseased lungs and blackened tooth stumps. Instead there are the usual stark warnings but in script only against a black background.
Anyone else noticed this ?

Anonymous said...

@banned - think I'm still getting the pics. Funny how you stop noticing them......


Anonymous said...

What's of some concern is that there's a sub-anti movement that wants to get anyone who enjoys smoking and has no desire to give up to be registered as 'obviously' mad. Once sectioned, the obstinate smoker can be forced to have one of these shots for their own good.

Given the documented side-effects of Champix, you'd have thought they'd show some reservations about messing with people's heads - but, no. Smoking is all.


Anonymous said...

Wonder who makes more money - tobacco companies or pharmaceutical companies producing nicotine substitutes?

JuliaM said...

Good point. How will the Treasury cope without the tobacco revenue and VAT?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Henry Crun: You have centred on the crux of the matter. Big Tobacco probably still has the edge but envious Big Pharma is attempting to bridge the gap with every part of their considerable propaganda machine.

Smokers are merely pawns in a global corporate battle to control the nicotine delivery market.

It's never been about health ... but then I think most people know that already.

Anonymous said...

Banned: I bought some hand-rolling tobacco recently without pics (2 packs). Thought it was just old stock, but maybe not.

Also, if tobacco substitutes worked they would never make it on to the market. Too much lost revenue. I smoke because I enjoy the breaks, and the handling, and the smell, and the flavour, and the bloody mindedness, and the irritation to the righteous, and because I can. Any more pressure on smokers and there is going to be an upsurge in illegal imports. Can't wait.