Monday 21 February 2011

Creating Demand

Tesco slammed over 'sexist' T-shirt

"This T-shirt is objectionable on so many levels," said Anna van Heeswijk, campaigns manager for lobby organisation Object.

"It promotes voyeurism, dehumanises females into sex objects and uses sexist language to refer to women as 'birds'. These messages about women are worrying."

Object said it had previously criticised Tesco for selling and displaying "degrading and pornographic lads' mags".

Tesco said the £6 own-brand shirt, which was on sale in shops and on the internet, was a "humorous item" which was no longer available.
Actually, it was only a fiver on the Tesco website last night, so I bought one.

A swift refund is in the offing then? Not a bit of it, Tesco just e-mailed to say it's been despatched. Looks like they're giving your complaint the respect it deserves, Anna.


William said...

Did you see the sponsor page?

OBJECT is supported financially by:
The National Lottery
Trust for London
The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd
The Maypole Fund
Charities Aid Foundation
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Allen Lane Foundation
Garden Court Chambers Social Fund
Awards for All (National Lottery)
City Parochial Foundation

Affiliated Unions include:
SERTUC (Southern and Easter Regional TUC)
Unison South East
Unison Kent
Unison South East Electricity
Unison Yorkshire and Humberside
Unison Eastern Women's Committee
Unison NPS WM

Good grief!
I would have no issue with groups like Object IF they raised their own funds and stopped leeching from the taxpayers.
The union subscribers can hand over all they want as far as I am concerned.

Anonymous said...

Dick, I say that we (i.e., blokes) should complain to the ASA everytime we see an advertisement on telly, in the cinema, newspapers or magazines that is demeaning to men, on the grounds of sexism.

Let's give these prissy man-hating biffers a taste of their own medicine.

JuliaM said...

First we had fakecharities, now we have fake...what?

And Lottery money?!? Really?

Mr A said...

Just goes to show that most Unions have had their day. How many members think their money is going towards safeguarding their employment rights rather than this twaddle?

Unions did their job in the past - they put pressure on the Govt so equitable employment laws that prevent exploitation could be drafted. But what's the point of them now? Nowadays, most employees would be better off just paying into a "legal fund" kitty to take any bad employers to court. Why subsidise these muppets? Why subsidise the champagne lifestyles of the likes of Bob Crowe?

Cooking Lager said...

And "Music to watch girls by" by Andy Williams is objectionable too? My Grandad loved a bit of Andy Williams when he was alive, my old Gran too. Pity they never realised what a sexist bastard he was.

banned said...

Didums, Tesco have taken it away now.

Anonymous said...

The stupid prat is probably a lesbian anyway.

Anonymous said...

God give me strength...

I can't think of a word in English for someone who 'takes offence' on a professional basis. Is there one? (Apart from "stupid cunt" of course, which is a bit of a generic.) If not, perhaps we need to invent one, as there seems to be increasing numbers of individuals falling into this category.

She definitely seems to have had a humour bypass.

Ralph Musgrave said...

What’s everyone complaining about? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. In other words set up your own fatuous PC organisation, like Object, promoting diversity, cohesion, “inter-faith” orgies, or whatever. You’ll be guaranteed millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money. Even Islamic extremist Mosques get dollops and taxpayers’ money. The Church of England has just got £5m for promoting “cohesion”. After a few years you’ll get a gong and be able to retire to the Costas.

James Higham said...

Might pop out and get one.

Dick Puddlecote said...

William: I'm as surprised as Julia ... National Lottery?!?

Henry: Or better still, as Musgrave said, form a mens' rights organisation and get lottery funding for doing the complaining. ;)

Mr A: Agree entirely.

Banned: Perhaps they just sold out (hope so anyway, if pathetic harpies like Anna have spooked them, the country is becoming a pretty dire place).