Saturday, 12 February 2011

Link Tank 12/02

This week's ration of the engaging and infantile.

Obama and auto-defrosting refrigerators

How the vetting frenzy alienates adults from kids

After success in Holland, a porn channel for women looks to expand into other countries

Introducing the fly-powered clock and the mouse-eating table

Punish the innocent, lest the guilty go free

Bans on bouncy castles become more widespread in California

The protests in Egypt have been caused by ... global warming?

"Whether someone likes the taste of beer is the single best predictor of if he or she has sex on the first date"

Gulf states' e-cigarette bans will lead to deaths

Finnish food campaigners kidnap Ronald McDonald

Homosexuality is a public health crisis similar to secondhand smoke, apparently

In pictures: The ID card database being shredded


Mark Wadsworth said...

I read the second to last one, are these people mental? Do people now use second hand smoke as a yardstick for 'bad things'?

Dick Puddlecote said...

MW: Your thoughts mirrored mine. It would seem 'denormalisation' of smokers has been so successful that anyone wishing to portray other groups as somehow inferior or sub-human need only compare them to 'evil' smokers.

Anonymous said...

A smoker hater from this article..

1 hour agoAnd I love to slap the face of obnoxious little twerps like you who apparently feel entitled to abuse other people with the same psychology as a bully or child abuser - done to you, so you do it to others.

No old chap, thats not how society works.

Precisely why the ban was implemented.
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3 minutes agoGreat post quatzee now maybe more people will see why denormalising smokers is indeed a bad idea it gives carte blanche for people like yourself to make violent threats .
I wont complain about your comment because I want everyone to see one of the reasons why the denormalisation policy is a really bad idea.

Angry Exile said...

Er, so am I getting a second hand bum fucking from watching Graham Norton? Is it worse if he has a cigarette afterwards?

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Yet another unintended consequence emanating from the anti-smoking campaign’s stable. I wonder if any of them for one second thought that so many crackpot groups with their own little individual “hates” would jump onto the bandwagon of the roaring success that was the concept of “second hand smoke??” Guess not, otherwise – knowing them – they would have taken out a copyright on it!

One in the eye for anti-smoking gay rights campaigners, though. What’s the saying again: “As ye reap, so shall ye sow ……” ???