Saturday 19 February 2011

Link Tank 19/02

The usual suspects to accompany your Saturday morning livener, top story highly recommended.

US Women's Lacrosse bans helmets to prevent head injuries

Would Shakespeare have survived today's copyright laws?

More evidence that food labelling doesn't prompt healthier choices

GM yeast used to make headache-free red wine and Chardonnay

The NHS will soon have nothing left to treat

Mobile phone use not related to increased brain cancer risk

Teenager tries to hire a hitman on Facebook

The right to discriminate against smokers

Killer creosote

Syria jails teenage girl for blogging

More intelligent people are more likely to binge drink and get drunk

The cuts are worse than terrorist atrocities, a 20 year civil war, and child abuse

The weather isn't getting any weirder


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dick (and readers)

I'm working my way through the comments following the article in 'Reason'. My, what a lot of antis there are in the American libertarian community. Only a couple -- mainly Jennifer -- actually talk sense.


westcoast2 said...

Not connected to the links, but I tend to read Eureferendum which has a lot about Climate and EU laws.

In this article, Even Our Rubbish is Rubish Richard goes on about how an Eudirective has caused problems and baiscally how stupid it is.

In the article he refers to Christopher Booker who he says writes We once had a refuse disposal system admired across the world, which made landfilling a public benefit, not something to be looked on as almost as evil as smoking.

I was suprised Booker wrote this and suprised Richard repeated it without comment.

I hadn't realised how insideous the propoganda had become.

For people of their calibre to talk in this way was, frankly shocking.

The criticism of the Waste system imposed by the EU is secondary to what they have written and yet I do not believe they realise it.

Maybe I have misinterpreted how it was meant. I admire Richard North for his work on Climate and World War II yet I had not realised he, and Christopher Booker, thought Smoking was Evil.

JuliaM said...

"Teenager tries to hire a hitman on Facebook"

Tsk! If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing yourself...

Anonymous said...

Hello, westcoast2 --

I, too, noted Christopher Booker's comment. Perhaps he meant it tongue-in-cheek? Agree that he could have clarified it ...