Wednesday 16 February 2011

It's A Bit Late Now


"But the truth is that governments habitually enact too much unnecessary legislation. The public would be much better off with fewer laws, properly scrutinised."
Err, I didn't hear you speaking out while all this was going on, Diane.


Mark Wadsworth said...


There should be a bloody law against all this new legislation... ah, right.

Anonymous said...

Sinister really .
Puts on tin foil hat.
I suppose if just about everything becomes illegal then an excuse for arrest is easy if everyone is a criminal.
Takes tin foil hat off again.

Angry Exile said...

WTF? Who is this and what have they done with the real Diane Abbott? Someone check the back of her neck for a little X.

Snowolf said...

I think what she meant to say was 'governments, except the ones my party is a part of, habitually enact too much unnecessary legislation.'

Anonymous said...

I think Snowolf is on the button.

Bill Sticker said...

Agreed. Definitely a "Who us guv'nor? We dint do nuffin." Type of apologia.