Monday 7 February 2011

Nice Can Of Worms You Have There TfL, Care To Open It?

Whilst checking the Transport for London website on an unrelated transport matter, I came across this live consultation on proposed new regulations for the Private Hire Trade ('minicabs' in old money). Most of the suggestions, it seems to me, will have little impact on the public apart from raising operator/driver costs and, consequentially, increasing fares.

However, I think you'll agree that page 14 details a particular eyebrow raiser.

Driver Proposal 5

That TfL introduces a condition in private hire drivers’ licences that ‘Drivers must not make any remark of of a sexual nature to a passenger. Licensed drivers are not permitted to become involved sexually, or have sexual contact, even with consent, whilst in a licensed vehicle.’
Is this really an administrative ban on flirting and innuendo? What could possibly go wrong, eh?

And, considering the sexual contact part mentions licensed vehicles but not specifically passengers, one presumes that a driver could lose his licence if it came to light that, while off duty, he and his wife had recreated the frisky fumblings of their youth in the car that he legally owns.

Is being miserable a genetic thing for the public sector, or are they trained?


Dr Evil said...

It's always the public sector where you can count on lunacy being incorporated into pretty much anything they dream up.

JuliaM said...

Is this another thing we have to look to the ECHR (*spits*) to save us from?

Enjoyment of property, or some such?

SadButMadLad said...

How about this one for taxi regulation. From Oxford -

Bucko said...

Shagging is not permitted in this vehicle?

JuliaM said...

That taxi number scheme is yet another classic case of police overreach.

Mike Spilligan said...

.. but isn't that only for while the vehicle's in motion?

William said...

'Licensed drivers are not permitted to become involved sexually, or have sexual contact, even with consent, whilst in a licensed vehicle.’

So is this banning two or more consenting but licensed taxi drivers from climbing into a licensed vehicle from any sort of sexual contact?

London is truly weird place.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Bucko: Indeed, I think such a sign should be required on each vehicle. :)

William: It doesn't even need to be two licensed drivers, just one would suffice. It does however specifically say 'in' the vehicle, so presumably they'd be OK over the bonnet. ;)

Woodsy42 said...

I assume there will be special dispensations for electricians, plumbers and mechanics as some fittings are correctly specified by gender.

Angry Exile said...

Seems like an invitation for a lot of allegations of things being said for compo.

All I said was "lovely day, isn't it" and she went crazy.

E's a bloody liar! 'E said he'd love 'is face in me tits, yeronnah. "Oo sends me cheque, then?

As for the taxi numbers, aren't they all identifiable by the number on the Hackney/PHV plate anyway? So why not simply make that number a lot bigger? I think they're renewed annually so the whole lot will be changed in under a year. Oh yeah, that'd involve the local authorities having to get off their arses instead of putting the onus on the cabbies.

Dick Puddlecote said...

AE: I can also imagine it will be a wonderful way for some passengers to get out of paying.

Female Passenger: How much is the fare
Driver: £20 please
FP: I've got a fiver and that's all you're getting.
Driver: I'll call the police.
FP: I'll call TfL and tell them you were flirting sexually - you'll lose a lot more than £15.
Driver: OK, a fiver will do.
FP: I knew you'd see it my way. Bye.

Angry Exile said...

Actually that'll probably happen even more often. Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens now. Cabbies probably need to think about having their cars fitted with cameras and mics unless they want to end up on JuliaM's ever increasing list.