Saturday 26 February 2011

Link Tank 26/02

Get your minces round these.

Australia's socialist government becomes ever more dictatorial - they've now banned Mortal Kombat

Cubans say lots of sex and tobacco is why they live longer

Parents are taking the fun out of toys

Is sex addiction real, or just an excuse?

That mortal danger of supersize fast food meals ... 14 extra fries

Dream it and it may happen: Shanghai passes a law banning more than one dog per household

Behold Minnesota's rather sensible 'Cheeseburger Bill'

Election victories make voters horny

Answering Yes2AV's FAQs

California's economy is teetering on the brink after decades of 'progressive' policies

This blog's official theologian on same sex marriages

Growing tobacco in Brooklyn


Angry Exile said...

Strictly speaking the videogame isn't because of the socialist federal government but a religious conservative (but also Labor) in a particular job in just one state government, and one of the less populous states at that. In fairness to the federal government they're all for it and have been waiting for South Australia. The thing is videogame classification only goes up to MA15+, unlike movies and TV which goes up to RC18+ (there's also an RX18+ - don't ask me what goes in that as I have no idea). Most people agree that it would be a good idea but for legal reasons to add the that extra classification for games requires the agreement of all states. The previous Attorney General of South Australia kept blocking it because, I suspect, he thought God wouldn't like it. A lot of the Christian lobby in SA are still saying that. I can only assume that being upside down they're all reading the Bible backwards and haven't seen the body count in the Old Testament yet.

Anyhoo, the long and the short of it is that even though this AG has stepped down his replacement seems in no hurry to agree the change either, and so certain games aren't available for more than 20 million people because of one guy who was even facing down demands from within his own state to ok the change. His successor is for it but so far hasn't pulled his finger out, but I expect it won't be long before games for adults have the all clear.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the clarification, AE. :)

Angry Exile said...

No worries.

Happened to be up early for a Sunday and saw your reply. After commenting yesterday I found this article on the current (as of December) state of play with game classification and our South Australian neighbours. The good news is the current SA AG is still saying he's in broadly favour of the change. The bad news is his counterpart in West Oz now appears to be undecided and the religious lobby are still noisily opposed to it and in favour of saddling their morality on fucking everybody.

I still think it'll happen within the next year or two.