Saturday 19 March 2011

Link Tank 19/03

Something for the weekend, sir?

A discourse on the enemies of joy

Brillo points out coalition porkies over wind farm subsidies

Time to call a ceasefire in the war on obesity

This country needs more daffodil police

Taxi drivers feeling blue thanks to Bristol Council

Swedish bus stop advert urges married people to have an affair

Venezuela's Chavez planning to ban breast implants

The libertarian war on low-flow toilets

Marathon runner prepares on a diet of fast food

Happy birthday CAMRA

Man lost everything in the 2004 tsunami ... so moved to Japan

Seven alternative uses for beer

Red nose, my arse


MikeF said...

Thanks for the Last Ditch link. A most excellent piece of writing. Now in my favourites list.

Anonymous said...

I love the efficiency of my state mandated low-flow toilet. I love it so much in fact, that while using it earlier today I went ahead and flushed it four or five times, thus using two to three times the amount of water I would have used, had it been a larger tank size toilet of my own choosing. Thank you government for your interference.

Xen347 said...

You missed this one DP: