Tuesday 1 March 2011

Don't Panic, Just Adapt

The UK Libertarian has unearthed this neat video illustrating a perennial failure by doom-mongers in the face of man's ability to adapt and overcome (they should have learned by now, our species have survived on this planet for millions of years, after all). I'm sure the current crop of lefty worryworts will never be convinced but, as Davy points out, here we have yet another example of how free markets are the best solution to the obstacles life places in front of us.


Dominic Allkins said...

Have to agree with your label - Awesome.

Laying to rest the myth of Peak Oil and clearly demonstrating the power and efficiency of markets in four minutes.

Cheers for posting Dick.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - a beautifully-argued piece of work that will be ignored completely by the PtB.

They won't even have to find counter-arguments; the sheeple are already bought and paid for - with money borrowed/stolen from the very same sheeple.

True? - undoubtedly. Make any difference? - not a hope.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Oil will never run out, it will just get more and more expensive.