Tuesday 29 March 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Agreements

Via Belinda, this really does take the entire biscuit tin.

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has for the first time asked EU leaders to leave the dinning room if they wish to smoke.

The EU's Justus Lipsius building where summits are held is usually a smoke-free zone, but leaders have traditionally been allowed to puff away over dinner. New restrictions were laid down on Thursday evening (24 March) however, as heads of state and government sat down to eat and discuss economic plans.
We can take it that such restrictions are along the lines of those demanded by the EU then, yes? You know, a blanket ban backed up by eye-watering fines for the individual and property owner, and perhaps even prison for transgression.

Not a bit of it.

"The president made a little joke about it, saying that leaders' work needs to be done well and asked for smoking breaks instead," he said.

"He asked the idea to be kept in mind, its not a rule, more a gentleman's agreement."
An agreement. That's it. These hideous federalists spend every waking hour dictating illiberal laws and business-strangling legislation to a population of over a billion, yet can't bring themselves to do the same when face to face with their chums.

While other leaders quaffed Hungarian Gere Portugieser red wine, Denmark's Lars Lokke Rasmussen and Luxembourg's famously hard-smoking Jean-Claude Juncker were among the group of leaders to quietly slip out the dinning room door for a quick cigarette.
Just out of the room, note. Not banished to a couple of plastic chairs underneath a ripped awning, at the foot of a fire escape, by the air conditioning exhaust duct.

Because these are special people. They pass laws, not follow them. For them is the comfy smoking lounge, as was the case at the G20 summit in London in 2009.

So, if you're an EU politician you can be trusted to come to an arrangement acceptable to all present, but if not you will have your property's policy decided for you by a bunch of rich (on your taxes), hypocritical, condescending bastards.

Gotcha. Can we leave yet?


Anonymous said...

...And these are the same people who, Frank Davis shows, plan to make show trials of high-profile smokers to let the peasants know how serious the EU is about enforcing its anti-smoking legislation.

I truly, truly, loathe politicians.


Anonymous said...

They won't put their own on show-trial though. They'll go after Kate the model but not the aristocrats smoking in Brussels or the Prince in Windsor Castle. They'll make a show of the pub keepers. They'll bully 80 year old ladies for a bit of ash outside on the street.

Anonymous said...

There will only ever be one answer to these scumbag politicians, full scale riot ending in their deaths.

Captain Ranty said...

My son's mate just became a 3rd degree mason.

After his ceremony, out came the fags and the pipes and they all lit up.


Why is it ok for masons yet we aren't allowed to open Smokers Only clubs?



Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpey.
Now fuck off you little twat.

Gawain Towler said...

Odd, there was a recent case in teh Commission where an official has been demoted and otherwise punished for smoking in his office. I think it is just for 'les grand fromages' that this rule exists.
I can see a PQ or two

Anonymous said...

"There will only ever be one answer to these scumbag politicians, full scale riot ending in their deaths."

Don't think you're wrong. You can smell it. The only thing stopping it, atm, is the memory of WW2 but that wont last forever.

Anonymous said...

I glanced at the Independent's headline yesterday in the newsagent which asked whether HMG was using The Wedding to crack down on dissent.

Are our own home-grown masters becoming nervous?


Michael Fowke said...

And there's an article in the FT today (by Martin Wolf) saying that further political integration within the EU is definitely on the cards.

I despair sometimes.