Saturday 26 March 2011

Link Tank 26/03

You should have seen the ones that got away!

Three US states finally realise that tobacco taxation is seriously damaging their wealth

Soon, you could recharge your phone in seconds, or a laptop in minutes

Can't see how it's a challenge, myself

The rich are already paying more than their fair share

Canadian school secretary suspended after student recognises her from a porn film and asks for an autograph

Intriguing historical images from Newsweek

Capitalism killed life on Mars

The push for smoking bans in New York homes

What recession?

Evil Australian toddler graffiti vandals

Pole dancing for Jesus

... and one that's a week late

15 reasons why everyone should be micro-chipped


Anonymous said...

Yes, babies should be microchipped at birth (not). Lunatics in San Francisco are proposing to outlaw parental freedom of choice with regard to circumcision or not, the same soviet-run city will be first to demand state mandated microchipping perhaps, since the loss of one freedom of choice should always be accompanied by the imposition of a heavy-handed state mandate of illiberal proportions just to make sure state control is absolute. These experts make arguments now for why microchipping should be made common, eventually they'll make it rule of law and mandate it, five, ten, twenty years down the road, and like with smoking bans, will be in competition with one another to see who can take it the furthest. This now is just the rudimentary groundwork toward normalization and just needs preached in the indoctrination camps, aka "school system", so the next generation will find it acceptable and come home demanding daddy and mommy be microchipped for the good of the children.

Anonymous said...

Tobacco taxes lowered? Insane idea. Much better to raise it through the roof so more people acquire it illegally and fund the underground economy. That way it makes the official on-record tally of tobacco tax takings lower giving the false impression that anti-smoking is successful and helps justify endless funding of anti-tobacco and the cushy secure high-paying jobs of the anti-tobacco rent-seekers. That reasoning alone justifies higher tobacco taxes, not common sense and rules of market economies, free trade and freedom of choice. Oh no, mustn't do that.