Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dr Hilary Jones Daybreak Clip

Despite the danger of starting another contre-temps in the comments, I thought some might like to see the ITV Daybreak e-cig piece described in Wednesday's article.

Dr Hilary Jones's description of them is surprisingly accurate and knowledgeable, prompting Christine Bleakley (Mrs P told me who she was) to ask a very pertinent question.

"Why aren't we all talking about these, why aren't there bars like this all over the country"
Well, Christine, the best people to ask that are the global tax-spongers of tobacco control. You see, love, you still have this old-fashioned idea that they actually give a toss about the public's health.

The biggest obstacle e-cigs have placed in front of them - in every country worldwide - is the tobacco control industry. They'd sooner people die (their parlance) while they wibble on about negligible degrees of safety, rather than openly advocating a competitor of their pharma chums.

As always, follow the money.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed that little piece as there was no condescension towards smokers and it was good to see a Doctor that had a balanced, non hysterical view towards the smoking harm reduction advocates.

At F2C I have never had a problem with e-cigs but some of us see it as another shot at the enjoyment of tobacco and their products (and much more besides).

I rarely go out to the pubs these days unless the weather is clement but when it is not I'd want to use my e-cig just to have an hour or two out of the house, I could endure it, but pubs and clubs won't let me because they think that this would entice 'tobacco' smokers to light up hoping that the landlord/staff will not know the differene, a wholly stupid train of thought, although who would own up to smoking an e-cig or the real thing?

I applaud this pub that allowes the use of the e-cig and does not have a hysterical view and does not forsee problems towards something this totally legal...for now.

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs said...

This was a great piece of promotion for ecigs and I give plenty of kudos to Jason Cropper's company (TW) for organising the event in Driffield and getting all the press attention.

I was at the event (the fat ginger bloke in the white shirt) and it was very well promoted by TW, however it did give a slightly wrong impression about the majority of ecigs out there! They do not produce that amount of vapour - the people in the clip were using very expensive fog machines!!!

It annoyed me that Dr Hilary got in a plug for a brand (E-Lites) and he mentioned that they are the same as other NRTs. Ecigs are just another form of smoking with a reduced risk profile for the user - they are not a replacement for nicotine because they usually contain the stuff!

I run a non-business organisation that actively promotes the use of ecigs in public places (well,,,,pubs :)!). I spoke to the reporters about this and they chose to ignore me. We had a night in a pub this wednesday and gave donated ecigs to the smokers for FREE to give the pub the old atmosphere - they didn't bother to turn up, despite being invited :(

All ecigs do not produce ash, most do not look like fags anymore and the vapour produce is almost odourless and of no danger to the by-stander, so the old arguement that JD Wetherspoons and Sam Smiths use about smokers spotting them and lighting up does not hold any water. Ecigs are now a way of smoking in pubs without the danger of the publican getting in trouble.due to ignorance - if not, CAM-VIP hopes to change that.

It is time for actively promoting the legal alternative to smoking in public places - smokers may find ecigs as a likeable choice in certain situations. For example, which is better?

a) To go out for a fag when it is banging it down with hail stones and being stood next to the bins or

b) Sat inside by the fire with an ecig, enjoying the hospitality and the company of your mates.

I know which one I would go for and until the smoking ban is ammended, I will continue to choose it!

Russell VR Ord
Founder of the Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

SBC said...

+++ ticker tape from my crystal ball ++ 15.10.2013++++ e-cigs to be regulated government announces +++ sales and access to be restricted for sake of children +++ nicotine fluid to be subject to same duty as tobacco++ Landlords allowed to decide whether they allow 'vaping +++ Arnott disappointed- claims government failing in duty of health care and child protection ++

Anonymous said...

I used mine in Guys while recovering from an operation for lung cancer, no problem at all. I have never been stopped from using mine anywhere so far.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Campaign for.......

I have an ecig, but I use it very infrequently. Recently, I went on a cruise (had to - grand-daughter's wedding). It was an America boat with no smoking in cabins or on balconies. We ignored the balconies bit but observed the room bit - hardly in it anyway. The ecig was useful in the room.

But I will not even attempt to use it in a pub. I would not lower myself by putting myself into a position where my actions might be queried by the righteous, or, indirectly, accept the smoking ban. If I saw a notice saying, in big letters, VAPING PERMITTED, I might use it. I am absolutely not prepared to 'ask for permission'!

I want:

1. As A MINIMUM, smoking rooms.
2. Eventual freeing of private establishments to decide whether to be smoking or not.

But I really do applaud your efforts. If you could get pubs (especially pubcos) to put up such notices, it would be one in the eye for Tobacco Control.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Out of interest who is the blonde lady sitting next to the doc?

Dick Puddlecote said...

TBY: I saw the Dr HJ piece the same as you - very fair and not the usual overstated extreme health obsession.

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs said...

I just thought that the readers of this blog might like to see an article in the Barnsley Chronicle following our 'Stay Inside' Night. The reporter only spoke to me over the phone and despite giving him a lot of detail, this is what he came up with!!!

"Smoking in pub is more than hot air
By Paul Nizinskyj

A PUB has found a way around the smoking ban - with electronic cigarettes.

The Anglers Rest in Wombwell hosted an event by the Campaign for Vaping (Camvip) on Wednesday.

About 30 people turned up to smoke indoors there for the first time in four years.

'Vaping' or 'e-smoking' involves the use of an electronic cigarette, pipe or cigar in which liquid containing nicotine is heated up to a gas and releases a vapour when inhaled.

It is not classified as smoking under the law and Camvip founder Russell Ord, 44, of Overdale Road, Wombwell, said it could revive many establishments suffering from a combination of recession, supermarket offers and the smoking ban.

He said "I set up this campaign because I want to get people back into traditional pubs and clubs with e-cigarettes. But a lot of people either haven't heard of them or are reluctant to buy them so the idea is to give them a go for free.

"It was like going back in time on Wednesday. The room was full of 'smoke' and there was such an atmosphere."

Deborah Arnott, of Action on Smoking and Health said the organisation does not oppose people using e-cigarettes but that it recommends nicotine inhalers instead.

She said: "Smoking is so dangerous that almost anything by comparison is safer, but e-cigarettes are not properly regulated like medical nicotine so you don't know what is in the vapour.

"Nicotine inhalers may not look much like a cigarette but you know how much nicotine you're getting and they're safe and easy to use.""


PS I said I wanted SMOKERS to get back into pubs and whilst the smoking ban exists, ecigs could encourage them to do so - BUT we all know what reporters are like ;)

Anonymous said...

I think Arnott is lying. Medicinal grade nicotine solution is used in ecigs.

Mr A said...

Arnott? Lying?

Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

"but e-cigarettes are not properly regulated like medical nicotine so you don't know what is in the vapour."

Don't you just love Arnott? Nicotine is nicotine so what's so different about "medical nicotine" - ah, yes, it's offered by her paymasters; and if the vapour is heated nicotine then presumably what's in the vapour is....nicotine.

(and BYW, Debs, e-cigs are considerably cheaper than pharma-inhalers - anyone would think that Pharma are more concerned about profits than helping people to quit).


Anonymous said...

"It is time for actively promoting the legal alternative to smoking in public places - smokers may find ecigs as a likeable choice in certain situations. I know which one I would go for and until the smoking ban is ammended(sic), I will continue to choose it!"

So if we actively promote the legal alternative to somoking , and "get back to the old days", how do you think then that there will ever be the will to amend the ban?
Or are you really that thick?
Bet you cant wait for synthahol or e-beer to hit the market, now we know there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs said...


I am a smoker who uses an ecig in pubs because people like yourself whinge and whine on blogs about vaping being subversive rather than doing anything about YOUR problem.

If vaping wasn't allowed in pubs, I would be mobilising support from all directions to show the injustice of banning something which has never been proven to cause any harm to anyone - user or by-stander.

If you cared so much about getting the smoking ban changed, you should be banging on about the pseudo science that showed no link between passive smoking and smoking related disease instead of complaining at nicotine users who have found a way to get around the ban.

We are on the same bloody side BUT if you cannot realise that, you are playing into the Health-Nazis hands.

I would love the smoking ban to be amended but tbh I do not have the same obvious passion as yourself :)

Russell VR Ord

Ex-smoker said...

@ Russell VR Ord, I couldn't agree more. I'm one of the founding members of Cigg-e in the Uk and I started the company after being gifted an electronic cigarette. I haven't smoked nor missed tobacco in more than 5 months and can honestly say I'd never look back.

The youtube link here was posted by me originally and i'd love to have the opportunity to chat with you about your campaign and what we may be able to do to assist you.

Follow the link back to Youtube and send me a message and I'll be in touch.

Best wishes - Lee (ElectronicCigge)