Sunday 16 October 2011

Pat A Good Guy On The Back Today

With the possible Westminster vote on an EU referendum back in the news, it's a good time for an update on The Spectator's parliamentarian of the year awards.

Last week I nominated our esteemed blog mascot - a booster for the TFA's Better Off Out campaign - for the readers' choice award, and many others must have followed the link and done so too if page 22 of the current Speccie is to be believed.

One early frontrunner is Conservative backbencher Philip Davies. Steve Mullins praises him as someone who 'defends us almost single-handed against the massed ranks and sanctimonious political busybodies who want to dictate what we say, do and see'. Dick Puddlecote says that Davies 'has consistently reflected the concerns of the people parliamentarians regularly forget; that is, the public they are elected to serve'. The MP for Shipley will clearly take some beating.
Frontrunner is good, but there are others mentioned in the piece who are looming large. So if you haven't yet chipped in, please consider helping to put a truly liberal politician on the podium, not just for his admirable stance of demanding the public's say on the EU, but also as a reward for an unstinting and highly visible opposition to interfering health nannies this past year.

To do so, just click here and give your reasons in less than 250 words. Only want to put 20? That's fine, it's your choice. Though there's a not-too-shabby prize on offer for them what write it all nice, like.

Oh and, err, feel free to pass the link around if you're feeling saucy.


Dick the Prick said...

I'm sure i've mentioned it before but I used to work for Phil's agent and he, too, is an exceptional Tory.

His old man is the Mayor of Donny and whilst he got in under the banner of the English Democrats. I was at a public meeting he gave just doing standard Tory shit as we had a few English Democrats standing and some guy stood up and said 'my name's Billy Bullshit and I started the English Democrats' and everyone went 'err, oh, that's nice - what's your name then fella?' I dare say he did but when the most senior Eng Dem hasn't got a clue who they are it kinda dawned on me that Peter Davies wasn't too arsed about labels.

The witch hunt that the Audit Commission and the Local Gov Network have attacked him has been immense and yet the people of Donny love the fella.

Think young Phil is a chip off the old block and a damn worthy contender.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well worth a vote then, Dick? :)

Dick the Prick said...

Damn right. And Cameron hates him too so another feather in his cap.

Anonymous said...

nominated Davies although I think democracy is a sham in general and do not vote