Saturday 29 October 2011

Link Tank 29/10

Filling up your senses like a greasy chip buttie.

Haven't Irish patients suffered enough without this hospital smoking ban?

The horrors of Halloween advice despite it being ...

... The safest day of the year

Jamie Oliver "would be far less irritating if he stopped moralising and crusading"

Why fingers go wrinkly in the bath

The legend of the patriotic drinker

Chicago may deciminalise marijuana

Canadian schools ban scary Halloween costumes in favour of 'caring' ones

Strawberries protect the stomach against alcohol

Elk group sex

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The legend of the patriotic drinker eh, I'll drink to that, (have been for two days.)

Can't wait for halloween to lure all those lovely kids to my door with sweets and choclate, no nuts, they may have an alergy, and say: "F*** off, you begging bastards!) Well they couldn't arrest me for being a pedo but I am sure they will find some archaean law to beat me with, (or maybe a new law, it is hard to keep up.)

Anything to do with Jamie I just can't take, even though it is on Spiked.

Great links though, thanks.