Wednesday 26 October 2011

Blowing In The Wind?

It's been quiet here as I'm uncommonly busy at the moment, but just in case you haven't seen it - and the way this has been flying around the internet, it might be a slim chance - this video promoting prospective Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain is a must watch.

Yes, you really did see a cigarette being smoked there. Blatantly. Followed by a knowing smile from the candidate himself.

The Telegraph reckon it's been done for shock value only, and just to gain publicity for publicity's sake. They make a good case.

However, I casually remarked on Twitter that Cain may have made a play for the hard-hounded smoker vote. He has, after all, already been outed as having campaigned with tobacco companies against smoking bans. As such, those hysterically against tobacco have his card marked already, so he has nothing whatsoever to lose by featuring a smoker in his material. Neither does it play badly with a rising libertarian movement in the US who are increasingly pure in their ideas of liberty and curtailment of state powers.

What's more, it dovetails in nicely - by highlighting the demon of our age specifically - with the growing distaste in libertarian circles towards politicians who seem comfortable in deciding what is good for us in all areas of consumption, and legislating brutally against those who think differently.

Incredibly, though, he will have competition from his own party if this is a subliminal call to overturn the consensus dictatorship towards lifestyle choices. Reason pulled out this video of Cain competitor Ron Paul telling college kids that they should have "free decisions about what you eat, drink, smoke and put into your own body" ... to rapturous applause..

Perhaps times are a'changin' over there.


Trooper Thompson said...

Ron Paul has been fighting for liberty for decades now, and it is testament to him that some of the other candidates are now trying to steal some of his clothes - only they don't fit too well.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, a cheap internet ad. gets wide coverage all over the mainstream and cable news. If he can get that value for money he my guy!

Anonymous said...

I know some people who overnight already switched their choice of candidates to Herb Cain, based just on this one ad. When a tsunami eventually comes and hits the shoreline, it can just roll in and nobody, not even the highly financed anti-smoking liars can keep the flood from happening. The Red Sea fell in over almighty pharaoh's invincible troops too. Time will tell if a turnaround's been reached or if it is still only creeping closer but not quite yet there. If more politicians worldwide start taking a cue and doing similar ads, then a definite change in public opinion might be underway. Maybe Ron Paul and Herb Cain should run together.

banned said...

Is Ron including 'hard' drugs in that statement? Not that it bothers me but it would be very brave.

Mr Cains next ad should feature someone adding salt to their Tequila.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these videos, Dick!

Agree with Anon 00:59 -- a Cain/Paul ticket would be great.

Lately, I have been reading the 'No Quarter' blog -- an old favourite of mine from the 2008 election. The readers -- intelligent, thoughtful individuals -- are disaffected Democrats and Independents. Many are very excited about Herman Cain, and a few have been able to see him speak in person. Someone there said, 'We don't need any more politicians, we need candidates with practical solutions'. If they are any barometer, Cain could be a possibility.

The only problem is that the MSM is pumping up Romney and it seems that the GOP is behind him, too, which would be a shame. He's not much different from the present incumbent -- both pushed for mandatory healthcare. Romney signed it into law in Massachusetts when he was governor.