Sunday 15 January 2012

Chalk Up Another Win For The Good Guys

Well, that was unexpectedly quick.

We unveiled the shortlist here on New Year’s Day. In total, 903 readers cast a vote in the past two weeks. Here are the results in full:

32% (288 votes): Mark Littlewood
13% (117 votes): The Occupy Movement
13% (115 votes): Kenneth Clarke
11% (98 votes): Mohamed Bouazizi
10% (90 votes): Nick Davies and The Guardian
8% (74 votes): Ai Weiwei
6% (57 votes): Hugh Grant and the Hacked Off campaign
4% (33 votes): Hillary Rodham Clinton
3% (31 votes): Barack Obama
This morning's call to mouses attracted just over 400 page views, so congratulations to those who clicked through and voted on a very satisfying winning margin. The most votes ever received for the winner in the Lib Dem poll's five years, it would seem.

Nice to see another win for the good guys, isn't it?


selsey.steve said...

Jewel Robbers strike again!!

Sam Duncan said...

Excellent. I hope those “liberals” are pleased with these guys coming in second.

“Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to renegotiate his mortgage”

Nice people.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Some names I would not have expected from Lib Dem voice on that list. Have they been hijacked by those crypto-nazis at Liberal Conspiracy?