Sunday 29 January 2012

E-Cigs Are "The Future, They're Cool"

Just yesterday, I mentioned an article detailing the overwhelming momentum of e-cig popularity thus.
[Michael Ryan, co-founder and director of E-Lites said] "We're rapidly approaching a tipping point. In the next year to 18 months, we expect electronic cigarettes to become fairly widespread among smokers."
The day before, I'd reported on how ITV had rammed a stake through the hearts of every pharma-funded anti-smoker worldwide by advertising e-cigs as a smoking cessation product. The very thing tobacco control is very keen to prevent as a concept.

Now, it seems that even some of their erstwhile lap dog Labour allies are turning on them. Here is Laurie Penny, darling of the the left, giving a massive thumbs up to e-cigs on one of the BBC's prime political programmes, no less.

That cosy symbiotic relationship between tobacco controllers and pharmaceutical NRT, studiously built up over decades, is falling apart at a gloriously alarming rate thanks to the humble e-cig. And, with every overweening far-fetched denouncement or attempt to ban vaping, anti-smokers worldwide show themselves up to be even more shrill, hysterical, and disingenuous than before.

It's pretty to watch, so it is.

H/T Guido - yes, really.


ScreamingBanshee said...

Hysterical is the word, good that this will make other people realise

Junican said...

Oh, but the horror that it might have been a real cigarette! But I suppose that we must be grateful for morsals. At least it is one in the eye for the nutters.

Anonymous said...

"..Laurie Penny, darling of the the left, giving a massive thumbs up to e-cigs.."

Possibly a new scheme by Labour to try gaining back voters after losing the election, in a large part due to Labour's infliction of a smoking ban amongst much else.

alanxxxx said...

You can get great big hookah e cig water pipes that look like silvery and leather spidery triffid things:

One of them would look rather good being used with total legality in a shopping mall.  You could put it in a pushchair.

Frank J said...

Anyone recommend a decent e-cig with a good throat hit? I've only tried E-Lites

Mudplugger said...

It looked to me like she was waving a tampon - although that slim calibre wouldn't be much use to Ms Penny, I fear.

SteveW said...

I'd recommend either an Ego-C (manufactured by Joyetech - Shenzhen) available from TotallyWicked - they have an exclusive supply agreement for Europe, so others are likely to be counterfeit, although may be of comparable quality (there are at least 3 other factories within half a mile of Joyetech making counterfeits) or what I'm currently using, which is a Screwdriver kit - UK Manufacture & design (also from TW).

That said, others' opinions may be different, but I'm very hapy with mine.

Frank J said...

Thanks, I've heard of this one before, will give it a try - in the hope that I may be able to use them in Pubs for the moment. 

Patnurse said...

Yes - one in the eye for the Smokerphobics - but sadly another nail in the coffin of those of us who enjoy natural tobacco. I think it's going to produce a lot more righteous ex-smokers who think they are somehow better than us.

 I wonder how long before we are forced to use e-cigs - like them or else. I'm still in two minds. If I hadn't met a raging ex smoker telling me how much he doesn't stink and kill other people anymore like us dirty filthy smokers because he's a "good" person who uses e-cigs now, I might have faith in these things.

 Still too many vapers have readily moved over to the other side in this game of divide and rule by Govts to further denigrate tobacco smokers - so I'm really not sure that this is good news.  

SteveW said...

The major difference for me has sweet FA to do with smelling, killing or dieing.  Biggest benefit is that I can better control my nicotine hit, as I no longer feel compelled to smoke the whole thing, being as there isn't a 'whole thing'.

That said, I'm starting to get fed up with people asking when I'm going to quit the e-cig.  Stock answer for the moment is that I'll quit it when there's compelling evidence that me using it has more than two thirds of fuck all to do with anyone other than myself.  Alternatively, I may move onto the 'I'll quit when they're taxed more heavily than cigaretes'.

Cjskee said...

I fear you're right, Pat.  Though there are vapers who believe we're all fighting the same fight, there are others that throw smokers under the bus.  That has been pointed out more than once, but as new vapers come on, they have been so brainwashed that I believe they don't realize what they're doing.  It sometimes seems that the only way to get e-cigs in the mainstream is to denigrate smoking...which plays into the antis BS.

I don't know...I wish I knew how to do one without doing the other.  Vapers here in the US go to legislative meetings to try and protect e-cigs from bans (and have had some success!).  But most e-cig bans have been tied into some sort of smoking ban, and vapers tend not to disagree with the smoking bans.  For me, that's a problem.

Vapingpoint said...

I smoked for 50 years - 48.5 actually. I bought an e-cig starter kit to use over several days in a place I couldn't smoke. It satisfied me! Big surprise! I had no intention of stopping smoking and had resisted even more rebelliously as I saw the smoker persecution gripping the alien world I now seemed to live in. But over a few weeks, I found I preferred vaping. So I have accidently become a non-smoker. I too see that we now have two groups of anti-smokers - the righteous anti-smokers and the righteous non-smoking vapers. I just put a video on my youtube channel to emphasise that vapers need to support smokers. We cannot afford to get complacent - or self righteous!

The dreadful tyrrany against a quarter (more or less) of the population in a world that is yelling "human rights" for almost everything imaginable, but not smoking, thereby exposing its disgusting hypocrasy, fills me with deep grief.  And terror for the future controlled by distorted science used as a tool of repression.

MrA said...

They're still doing their best though.  I've just come back froma 17 hour flight toSingapore.  Not only was smoking banned but so were ecigs.  But this is where bansturbation becomes in direct conflict to common sense.  As they don't smell and there is no smoke, I just slid back in my seat and vaped away.  When there were too many attendants around I just went to the bog - and, unlike iwth fags there is zero smoke and zero smell.  So why ban them when I can vape them surreptitiously - indeed, they are so little hassle to to other people, simple sliding down in my seat a few inches meant I could vape without any hassle (or inconveniencing others) at all.